Mole king

Real Name: Unknown

Current aliases: (The) Mole King

Aliases: Enemy to all things above sea level, The grand burrower, the great burrower

Base of operations: The Mole Kingdom

Alignment :Chaotic Neutral 

Quote: The Mole People will strive! Humans polluting this world shall die!

Gender: Male

Race: Mole Person

Size: 164 feet tall

Weight: 180-200 tons

Powers/Abilities: Talpidae Physiology, Sharp Teeth, Bulletproof Skin, Optic Blasts, Energy Beam Emission, Double Jump, Ultimate Regeneration (To such a high extent that he can not even be damaged, nor pierced, so high that it could be considered Absolute Immortality)

Short Back-story: There were two main humanoid species on earth, Mole People and Humans, though mole people always thought to be one with nature most humans clearly did not care. Though there was no order in the Mole Kingdom (underground) one particular mole had a obsession to such a far extent that a omnipresent unknown source of energy manifested in the Mole king, he though this was a act of the planet earth and shrieked his vendetta on Man-Kind.

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