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Dragon Physiology

Dragon God Physiology

Werecat Physiology

Werebeast Physiology

Wererabbit Physiology

Werepire Physiology

Vaewolf Physiology

Alpha Physiology

Alpha Vaewolf Physiology

Mystic Vampire Physiology

Vampire Physiology

Vampire Lord Physiology

Mammalian Physiology

Reptilian Physiology

Amphibian Physiology

Fish People Physiology

Fish Physiology

Shark Physiology

Feline Physiology

Canine Physiology


▪ Nick Jones - Procyonid Physiology. Nick is a thieving man and a descentant of the raccoon clan.

▪ Micheal sky - Feline Physiology. A human with abilites of Felines. Turns into a panther.

Jerry Charge - Rhinoceros Physiology. A human with the ability of the Rhinoceros.

▪ Adam Rage - Bovine Physiology. A human with abilites of a Bull.

▪ Taylor Horn - Cervid Physiology. Deer Form.

▪ Ryan Hop - Lagomorph Physiology. Rabbit Form.

▪ Mika Flowers - Mustelid Physiology. Ferret Form.

▪ Zack Vines - Simian Physiology.

▪ Nero Scarlet - Vaewolf Physiology

▪ Luna Claws - Werebeast Physiology

▪ Zack Wings - Egyptian Deity Physiology ( Anubis)

▪ Vicky Wings - Egyptian Deity Physiology ( Anubis )

▪ Rolan Sora - Egyptian Deity Physiology ( Horus )

▪ Ben Fang - Destroyer Deity Physiology

▪ Megan Fang - Destroyer Deity Physiology

▪ Thomas Tomes - Transcendent Mage Physiology

▪ Sabrina Light - Creator Deity Physiology

▪ Sarah Light - Creator Deity Physiology

▪ Raven Draco - Dragon God Physiology

▪ Hikari Draco - Dragon God Physiology

▪ Jet Ryu - Transcendent Dragon Physiology

▪ Bruce Ryu - Transcendent Dragon Physiology

▪ Max Scales - Dragon Arm

▪ Nora Might - God Hand

▪ Andy Rebel - Devil Hand

▪ Lia Grace - Angelic Arm

▪ Zack Dark - Demonic Arm

Other 1

Other 2




Ghost Physiology: spirits/souls of the dead, often bound to stay until certain conditions are met. This can vary from honorable burial, unfinished business/revenge or self-appointed duties. Ancestral spirits are part of this group, given their involvement/ties with their families.

Spirits of Nature: manifestations/embodiments of natural phenomena, places, elements or animals.

Poltergeist Physiology - Spirits that haunt a person rather than a location, who destroy things for no reason and get more violent the more they are ignored.










Empowerments gives humans and other races the ability to gain strength from different aspect of life such as elements, emotions, or other powers. Here is a list of them.

Pain Empowerment

Demonic Empowerment

Anger Empowerment

Combat Empowerment

Courage Empowerment

Greed Empowerment

Hope Empowerment

Solar Empowerment

Love Empowerment

Weapon Empowerment

Absorption Empowerment

Hatred Empowerment

Lust Empowerment

Sex Empowerment

Death Empowerment

Blood Empowerment

Killing Empowerment

Desire Empowerment

Magic Empowerment

Planetary Empowerment

Food Empowerment

Reading Empowerment

Zodiac Empowerment

Card Empowerment

Fear Empowerment

Elemental Empowerment

Damage Empowerment



Jake Fist - Courage Empowerment/. 16yrs old male teenager that loves pain in fighting and in bed. This gives him strength.

Sarah long - Solar Empowerment.

Terry Moon - Lunar Empowerment.

Ryan Blue- Magic Empowerment /Elemental Empowerment

Evan Bear- Food Empowerment

May Houka - Anger Empowerment.

Grace Hunter - Weather Empowerment.

Kai kitsune - Fire Empowerment.

Jolt Rogers - Electricity Empowerment.

Sky Anderson - Air Empowerment.

Jack Ryuu - Dragon Empowerment.

Henry Books - Reading Empowerment.

Daisy Cast - Magic Empowerment

Thomas Force - Energy Empowerment.

Nathan Evans- Combat Empowerment / Pain Empowerment / Damage Empowerment.

Grey Dusk - Damage Empowerment/Combat Empowerment/Anger Empowerment

Travis Night - Pain Empowerment/Anger Empowerment

Jay Ray - Calendar Empowerment

Sora Knightheart - Combat Empowerment/Hope Empowerment/Good Empowerment/Courage Empowerment

Leo Lancelot - Weapon Empowerment/Good Empowerment/Combo Empowerment/ Combat Empowerment


Ben Reaper/ Killing Empowerment - a 16yrs professional killer.

Jennifer Crush - Hatred Empowerment

Mary Dread - Doubt Empowerment

Jeremy Eater - Cannibalism Empowerment

Hillary Wires - Bloodlust Empowerment

K Lost - Weather Empowerment


Terry Turner - Bloodlust Empowerment/Anger Empowerment/ Hatred Empowerment/Killing Empowerment/Combat Empowerment/Damage Empowerment.

Liam Rize - Good Empowerment/Weather Empowerment/Planetary Empowerment/Calendar Empowerment/Zodiac Empowerment/Evil Empowerment

Jamie Sage - Electricity Empowerment/Fire Empowerment/Light Empowerment/Darkness Empowerment/Water Empowerment/Air Empowerment

Martha Rights - Doubt Empowerment/Fear Empowerment/Despair Empowerment/Sound Empowerment/Nightmare Empowerment/ Darkness Empowerment

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