Also Called

Zodiac Relic Number 10: Greave of Capricorn

Zodipon : Capricornus the horn goat


The user can possess this powerful Zodiac Relic only of they are under the Capricorn sign. Once they have this weapon, this increases their Zodiac Energy and powers to near-unstoppable levels.


Zodiac Empowerment

Calendar Empowerment

Astrological Physiology - only to Capricorn.

Ability Transcendence

Fighting Instinct

Combat Empowerment

Combat Adaptation

Combat Perception

Cosmic Energy Manipulation

Weapon Proficiency - Only Gauntlets.

Weapon Proficiency Touch - Only to Gauntlets.

Weapon Empowerment

Martial Arts Intuition - to the fighting style of the Capricorn.


Zodiac Physiology


Weapon Manipulation


Cosmic Manipulation

Combat Manipulation

Intuitive Aptitude


▪ Only Capricorn can wield this weapon.

▪ Can be destroyed by another Zodiac Relic.

▪ Using it for too long can tire out the user.

Known Users

Any Capricorn users

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