Hiya everyone. I just created a bot using AutoWikiBrowser. It took me a while but I finally learned to use the controls and commands.

What I would like to ask is if we could enable this bot for the Wiki? I need the community's say-so to flag it so that we can use it without it irritating us on recent changes.

Why should we get a bot, you ask? Well, a bot is very useful when it comes to Wiki maintaining. Firstly, it can do a lot of stuff in less then 1/34th of how long it would take a regular user, sometimes even quicker. Bots can also delete, replace and add categories to a lot of pre-chosen pages with little effort, and can give reports about which pages has what. It's also good for adding templates to a pre-chosen amount and variety of pages.

Nearly every Wiki I'm on has a bot just in case they need to use it, and as Superpower Wiki grows, I think a bot could be very handy at times.

I already created it, as I've said, and I need the community's opinions, as I've said, to if I can flag it for this Wiki.

I'll make a blog post when/if its activated. So, please comment below to give your opinions. Also, try to include if you support, oppose or stand neutral with the idea.


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