Hiya everybody? Howzit? I see you're all working nice and hard these days and that's phenomenal!

On to an urgent matter: Superpower Wiki is currently in high-need of new administrators and rollbacks.

Why? Well...

  • We're growing daily, yet do not have a manual of style, or strong Wiki policies.
  • We need more community members
  • We need more community events.
  • We need to grow our Wiki by gaining affiliates.
  • We need to grow our Wiki on a technical level.
  • We need more chances of an admin being online when a vandal appears.
  • Generally, we need more people to help with deletion and protection of pages.
  • Et cetera

Requirements for rollback

  • Active
  • Trusted by the community
  • not talk like how i iz talk, ok?
  • Uses correct English at all times.
  • Good edit count.
  • Takes part in community discussions.

If you would like rollback, apply here

If you would like admin rights, apply here

--Zombie talkblog 08:48, May 2, 2011 (UTC)

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