Real Name Logan Drake
Race Human
Birthplace Birmingham, Alabama
Birthday June 30
Age 21 (Biologically)
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 225 lbs
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Designation Demiurge
Affiliation Himself
Profession Interplanar Explorer
Base of Operations New York
Powers & Abilities
Powers True Power (Absolute Existence)
Production Details
Voiced By Crispin Freeman
"Self-mastery provides a pristine level of freedom - much more than perfection does. As with perfection, you are pigeonholed into being one thing or the other. Perfect or imperfect. With self-mastery? You can be anything or nothing. Whatever you like. "
― Acheron's perspective on Absolute Existence as compared to Perfection.
"I was frightened by my power upon first awakening it. Such....limitless abilities all there to be used. No potential, no awakenings when things got tough. Just pure, overwhelming might that made my empathy towards others roll over in pain. I knew what it was like to be weak, and it just felt...unfair to have so much power at my disposal. Both to myself and those around me, who, at least at one point, I cared deeply about. I guess you could call it a fear of success. Becoming so much more than what you used to be that the current you is unrecognizable from you that desired this in the first place. It almost negated the whole purpose of coming this far. Almost. These doubts are merely passing hydrogen particles within this vast ocean of my mind. I don't have to be afraid of what I am. I just have to enjoy that I've come this far. "
― Acheron coming to terms with his knew godhood.
" I can't limit myself to accommodate them. Whether I'm the only one who walks on the stars or if I'm surrounded by millions of people - I will never be just another person amidst a sea of faces. I trudged through a hundred miles of shit to get this power, and I'll be damned if I let anyone make me feel bad about it. "
― Acheron describing his mindset.
"We as humans, even in the face of oblivion, cling on to the hope of survival. Desperately and hopelessly succumbing to our natural instincts to survive. These instincts are nothing more than a deception, a limitation of perspective. My children; I will teach you how to control your perspective to find rest in oblivion. To harness your uncertainty into a source of strength. So that one day, you may be born of the void that you so helplessly fear."
― Acheron to his children.





Letters from BraveHeart

The Path To Power

May. 14. 2015.

As I sat there, listening to the principal of my high school drone on and on about God's sovereignty in our lives and how everything was irrefutably in his hands, I could hear the brief yet continuous sounds of people chanting "Amen, brother." I couldn't help but scoff. "God had everything in his hands, huh? Sure.

I couldn't help but have all of the logic holes that have been opened up to me over the last two years pile up on me from that one simple statement. From the simple things: Why is there suffering? Why did God create such a disproportionate punishment system for people who, for probably good reasons, didn't believe in Him? If he made Hell for the Devil, when did he decide to throw humans into the pit? Why didn't he make us perfect from the jump? Why...why...why. 

A million questions, no answers. Sure my teachers tried to stave off my alternative thinking with various theodicies, but the majority of them fell apart when pressed with pure reason. They were nothing more than elaborate excuses. Something I was tired of hearing. 

I didn't have the power nor the clarity to truly express how disenfranchised I was with the whole thing, but I knew of something that could act as a gateway into achieving that power - that mental clarity. 

Lucid Dreaming. 

He had been learning about it since early this year. It was a way to connect with an "Awareness behind the Dream." I initially thought it was just hippy bullshit, but I've read accounts and now it was time to put this to the test.....I was desperate, trying to figure out why I could believe in Lucid Dreaming but not in an omnibenevolent, omnipotent deity. Well, the more I think about it, I started to see why. It wasn't nearly as far-fetched for me to believe in the former, which doesn't really help the latter's validity in my mind. 

That night, I took a couple sleeping pills and laid down, relaxed, and prepared myself to LD. To my surprise, it worked. Perhaps due to either sheer will or desperation, it worked nonetheless. Now, that I was within my own head, I could finally see it, the culmination of my effort, the light at the end of the tunnel. My ascension to true power and enlightenment. 

My name is Logan Drake, and like it or not, you're gonna be taking this journey with me. 

Elongated Head

As I looked out into the great expanse of my mindscape, I couldn't help but notice that its scenery was designed based on how I imagined what the Garden of Eden looked like. A beautiful green meadow with trees growing everywhere, and two trees standing parallel to each other in the center. I knew this was a dream, that I was just imagining this in my subconscious mind. But I couldn't help myself, I walked over to both trees and plucked a single fruit from each of them and began munching. It felt satisfying, strangely enough. Like I was sticking it to the G.O.D. himself, but in a safe way that didn't end in a lightning bolt being shoved down my throat. 

After my miniature rebellion, I steadied my nerves for the moment of truth, I pointed my head towards the sky above me and screamed as loud as I could: "INNER SELF! I ASK THAT YOU APPEAR BEFORE ME!". As I looked up at the blank sky, I saw nothing. No parting of the clouds, nothing that would indicate that it heard me. "Oh well, guess I'm on my own." I remarked as I turned to create the mythical "dream portal" to hopefully another portion of my mind. The moment I turned, I felt my entire "body" vibrate excessively. To the point where I thought I was going to "pass out", and before I knew it, my eyes were flooded with a brilliant white light as the Garden disappeared and was then replaced by the fires of what seemed to be a dimly lit furnace. Normally, when a person finds that they are in a pool of fire, they wonder if they hit Hell hard. But, somehow I knew, that this flame was apart of me. It represented something about me. 

Before me, stood an entity dressed in a white robe that covered it's face and hands, only showing the feet which were themselves covered what appeared to be clouds. 

"I must be dreaming..." I groggily remarked. 

The entity spoke, it's voice carrying the might and authority of a god. "I removed you from the subconscious portion of your mindscape. The Dreaming is supposed to be a safe haven for normal people to be able to connect with their Inner Selves. What you find yourself in my reality. Many dreamers seek the advice or some enlightenment from what they call the "Dream Self", but they have each disregarded the notion of actually taking part in its reality. A world where miracles existed beyond that of "mere dreams"." 

Well, that did make sense. but what didn't was...."Why am I in a pit of fire?" 

The entity didn't bother looking at me. "That flame is your will. The Will transcends any particular aspect of one's being and envelops all of them, it is the most all-encompassing power of the soul. No matter how weak it is." He then pointed at the yellow flames that surrounded us. The color represents one's strength of will. Yellow is the weakest, the frailest and indicates a severe lack of inner strength. Yet as your will becomes stronger, the color will shift. From Yellow to red, red to blue, blue to clear and finally clear to white. The White Flame forming the Elongated Head, Ratzon: The Crown of Will.

Head of Nothingness 

Unknowable Head

True Power

A Better World

Search for Reason

Personal Statistics

Name: Logan Drake / Acheron / Pluto

MBTI: Possesses characteristics of INTJ, ENFG, ISFJ, ISFP

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Color Identity: Yellow.

Gender: Male

Age: 21 (Physical)

Date of Birth: June 30th, 1996

Height: 6'2

Weight: 225

Likes: Exploring his powers, adventuring, creating, reading, writing,

Dislikes: Stagnation, being a couch potato, bullies, people who wipe out the potential of others, Angels of mercy, belligerent people, moronic societies.

Affiliation: Himself.

Music: Human

Classification: Transcendent Human, Ascended Deity, Primordial Deity of his Homestead.

Affiliation: Himself.


Self Existence

Fighting Style


Power Legion




Inner World


Starset - It has Begun.

Starset - Let it Die.

One Republic - Good Life.