Ms Kudai
Epithet Phantom 
Alignment Neutral
Race Enhanced Human
Laterality Ambidexterious 
Gender Female 
Age 32
Birthday April 3rd 
Personal Data
Birthplace Fargrel City 

13 Ghost 

The Organization 


Secret Agent


The leader of 13 Ghost 

Base of Operations Specter Tower
Family Forever Alone!
Favorite Food Graham Crackers 
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Height 5'7
Weight 124 lbs
Power Causality Perception 
Hobbies Writing 
Skills Flawless Tactician 
Weapon Spring Field 1911
Fighting style unseen, unheard, unwanted 
Motto "You Only Fail When you stop trying to succeed" 

Quotes        " Fear is the only true human emotion the rest we just made up to make us feel better about ourselves 

"How am I still single!, I mean come on! I'm a god damn dime!"

"The saddest time isn't a funeral it's a birth because you know one day they will die" 

Ms. Kudai 



-Ms Kudai was originally the advisor for the world tour club an all-girls club at Fargrel High School who studied world maps and ate foods from around the world of htrae, while on a club trip her and the twelve club members got hit by a truck and would've certainly died had the driver of that truck not been a member of the organization who called in the accident to his superiors they saved the girls lives and gave them drugs that enhanced them all in some way shape or form and even replaced their limbs with strong mechanicle ones, after the incident they trained for almost two years mastering their newfound abilities and then they started doing missions everything from spying, to stealing rare artifacts to straight up assassinations she is very maticulious never leaving behind evidence or even a trace and because of that they gained the nickname 13 Ghost but Ms Kudai the leader she's called Phantom and is the true terror of the 13 ghost 


Ms Kudai is a woman with dark brown hair that goes just past her shoulders and blue eyes, she usually wears a dark blue coat but when she takes it off she as a cream colored sweater on beneath it she also wears a pair of black pants and a red scarf wrapped around her neck.


Ms Kudai is a woman who is able to keep a cool head in any situation and find a way out of it. she comes off as being unemotional and unfeeling but that's not true she as emotion she feels regret and pain but she believes in doing the logical thing, she still as the mindset of a teacher and she won't let anything happen to her students and tries to plan in a way that no one gets killed, she's a woman who is constantly looking for a husband and gets mad when rejected often losing her cool teacher demeanor 


  • ===Causality Perception===



Springfield 1911, bulletproof mechanical arms and legs 


the most you can hope for against her is a lucky shot 

Fun Little Trivia

She's allergic to peas  

Her first name is Megan making her full name Megan Kudai 

despite her age she doesn't have a license or a car 

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