"I hear that in it's world, it is watching the last light bleed out..."
― A passerby

The Thing In The Dark, also known as The Darkness or The End Of The Light, is an entity that is sometimes observed in the world prior to marking events. Constantly surrounded by a sphere of impenetrable darkness of varying size, accounts divert often as to it's size, the average size range as to the aura of shadow being 1.5 meter of radius, with the center of it being at ground level. Often is also seen a pair of feline eyes with a red sclera through the veil of darkness.


It is unclear from where it comes, nor is it known when it started being. The most popular origin for this creature of legends is that it comes from an other world which it plunged in darkness by using trickery, guile, and patience.

The first account of it's presence in this world was a century ago, before the mass trial of witches.


Since it's apparitions are rare and rarely long, studying it's power has been a difficult task. Compiling multiple observation reports however has proven effective for scholars enough to describe it. Named End Of Light, this power seems to literally make all light die when it comes close to The Thing In The Dark, thus creating the apparent sphere of darkness around it. Furthermore, it would seem that when The Thing In The Dark is in a mostly dark place such as a cave with weak lighting, this aura takes more places.


Contrary to popular belief, The Darkness is not an evil entity. In fact, it's morality does not fall anywhere in the contemporary Good/Neutral/Evil scale, but rather somewhere along the Blue and Orange axis. It also seems to suffer from multiple personalities disorder, the two most common being a naive and childish one, and the other one is a wise and manipulative one.

One thing they have in common: they have a profound dislike for light and luminosity. All of it's personalities seek to close light sources.

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