Caydeb Caydeb 1 January 2015

Character Sheet/ Lei-Nad

The Fourth Helper to find a Gift to Secretaries and become an immortal tax collector Lei-Nad is the second most powerful Secretary. His power is due to the fact that he may use gifts from any maker. Lei is in service not to Nature, from whom his gift was collected, but her son Morn.

Lei became a Secretary because of the Golden Gloves which he accidentally found in The Cave of Lions by distracting the three Guardians. Upon exiting the cave he was led into Morns Armory and exchanged the Golden Gloves for the Makers Gloves and the Mask of Infinite Choice. In order to collect his tax he was given the Staff of Hunger by the lady Nature, but later collected the Staff of Starvation and uses both. Later in time he convinced other makers to give him…

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Caydeb Caydeb 1 January 2015

Character Sheet/ Eave

The Daughter of Nature and Time Eave collects her fathers tax, "Dreams". Eave stands seven feet tall and likes to switch between faces. As the child of a Maker Eave can both use and create gifts, but is limited to the use of gifts from Nature and Time.

Early Life Eave was born in orbit around the moon, and has held a deep connection to it ever since. Eave's gifts work best at night, and therefore she consistently stays in the dark. Until Morn was released Eave had been trapped in orbit, but her brother released her around the year 6200 B.C.

Gifts Unlike Morn, Eave prefers to keep fewer gifts and only uses the most powerful. As neither can own gifts, any in their possession are simply borrowed anyway. Eave usually has the Belt of Time and the…

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Caydeb Caydeb 27 December 2014

TPD December 2014

  • 1 Imp/5 dimensional imps and candidates for deletion.
  • 2 just thought you should know.
  • 3 Omnipathy: omni powers category removed why?
  • 4 Ability Organization
  • 5 "Looking"
  • 6 Notes
  • 7 Physiology/Mimicry
  • 8 Adrenaline Manipulation doesn't fit the name of the power
  • 9 Categories
  • 10 Acid
  • 11 EM-power
  • 12 Serqe/EM
  • 13 Name Change
  • 14 Overly Specific Power
  • 15 Why are so many powers being deleted?
  • 16 Categories/Front
  • 17 Story
  • 18 Chat
  • 19 Associations
  • 20 Stuff
  • 21 Multiple Lives into Self-Resurrection/Reincarnation
  • 22 Why did you activate Achievements?
  • 23 Elements/Ice
  • 24 Elements

Imps are a type of demon, 5 dimensional imps are beings from the 5th dimension they aren't actually imps, they are called that because there impish ie tricksters and jokers and they mess around with reality for fun. 

The two powers …

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Caydeb Caydeb 17 December 2014

Lots of work done, but even more is on the way.

  • 1 How does anyone start one of these things?
  • 2 Categories
  • 3 Organize
    • 3.1 Table

Hello again guys, welcome to my blog, and thanks for being a part of the SUPERPOWERwiki. I know that I tend to ramble and rant on these things so I'm going to stick to the point here as best I can. Try to stay with me.

I have been editing categories like crazy, and have been through thousands of pages, and there are thousands left to go. So I will give you a bulleted list of things I want to get accomplished.

  • Deleting anything Derogatory, Rude or Sexist
  • General Cleanup
  • Completely Remove All Duplicate Categories
    • Everything Except Category:Magical Powers and Category:Form of magic
    • Everything Except Category:Almighty Powers that includes omni in all its forms.
    • Everything except C…

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Caydeb Caydeb 8 December 2014

Oh the Facepalms!

  • 1 Hello, I'm Caydeb
  • 2 They are back
  • 3 Bring in Mr. Perspective
  • 4 Goals

You Probably Don't know who I am, so let me introduce myself. I am Cayde, a wiki editor who has been off this particular wiki for a long time. I have a reason for this, the facepalms. I stopped editing this wiki after nearly two years of work because my face hurt too much. People were creating new pages, that were frankly... Garbage. I can't deal with all that, posted on here, on a daily basis.

I got back on here the other day and realized that I had missed it so much. Editing pages and writing articles, meeting new internetz ppl and all the things. Unfortunately I have again succumbed to unbearable head trauma, the facepalms were back. I'm not sure if anyone will actually read …

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