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Caydeb's guide to categories on the Superpower Wiki

Firstly I would like to point out that this is a guide, not a rulebook. There are exceptions to every rule so there are no rules, just intelligent ways to go about any project.


I have told you in an older blog that if an article can't go in the Category:Powers it probably doesn't belong on the wiki. But we are no longer going to have that category, as it is redundant to call every power a power. So stop categorizing articles under "Powers"


Enhancements, even ones to a ridiculous degree, are powers humans already have. Some simple examples are:

Anything you can do, including jumping, swimming, seeing, hearing, or even the ability to aim a gun can all be superpowers, but they are only Enhancements

Personal Physical Powers

Personal:Belonging to a single being. Physical:Of a literal makeup, can be held, touched, or seen. This power cannot have an effect on other people or happen at a distance. The only reason these aren't enhancements is because humans do not have these abilities. Examples include:

Anything that happens to a single person, but a normal human could not do is a Personal Physical Power

Mental Powers


Mental Powers occur solely in the mind of the user or of the target. Some examples include:

They may or may not be abilities a human could use but they never exit normal brainwaves. Any power that stays within minds are Mental Powers


If you are copying anything it is Mimicry, there are two sub categories Category:Organic Mimicry and Category:Elemental Mimicry.


File:246px-Ororo Munroe (Earth-616) 054.jpg

If you are changing anything other than yourself it is Manipulation there are three sub categories Category:Superpower Manipulation, Category:Organic Manipulation, or Category:Elemental Manipulation.

Almighty Powers

Powers that are advancing powers, and eventually allow users to control everything are almighty powers. There are actually quite few powers that do this, examples include:

Almost Done

These categories are The widest set we have yet required, there are other categories that allow us to better see which powers often go together or which ones are the most used but every power should go into one of these six options. Simple enough?