The Daughter of Nature and Time Eave collects her fathers tax, "Dreams". Eave stands seven feet tall and likes to switch between faces. As the child of a Maker Eave can both use and create gifts, but is limited to the use of gifts from Nature and Time.

Early Life Eave was born in orbit around the moon, and has held a deep connection to it ever since. Eave's gifts work best at night, and therefore she consistently stays in the dark. Until Morn was released Eave had been trapped in orbit, but her brother released her around the year 6200 B.C.

Gifts Unlike Morn, Eave prefers to keep fewer gifts and only uses the most powerful. As neither can own gifts, any in their possession are simply borrowed anyway. Eave usually has the Belt of Time and the Cloak of Time she also wears her mothers Boots of Bounty on occasion as well. Unlike most tax collectors Eave prefers to use her hands to collect the power from the dream tax.

Relationships Eave spends significant time with both Tech and Lei, but only for personal purposes. Eave only collects her tax alone, and will stop collecting if a secretary or Maker were to interrupt, believing that dreaming is a very personal energy.

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