"Funny...When did I say that I was Human?"
― Sonic Cody to anyone that says "Your not human" before a beat down is given
"Funny...I don't remember calling myself Human"
― Sonic Cody whenever somone says that he isn't human
"No my dad isn't a monster. He's a dragon!"
― Frisk to anyone that asks if Sonic Cody is a monster
Sonic Cody
Sonic Cody Human Form
Age 23
Gender Male
Birthday May 1
Blood Type A
Laterality Ambidextrous
Weapon His Swords:Slayer Blade and Dragon Brave; His Body
Powers/Abilities Dragonman Physiology, Transformation, Dragon Physiology, Super Form, Flight, Dragon Magic, Draconic Energy Manipulation, Draconic Elemental Manipulation(Specifically Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Electricity, Energy, Light, Darkness, and Elemental Recomposition), Supernatural Strength, Wisdom, Intelligence,Supernatural Athleticism,Supernatural Combat, Combat Merging, Draconic Attacks, Elemental Attacks (of the ones listed), Energy Attacks
Personal Details
Status Alive
Alias Dragon of Power(To many), One of the Saviors of Monster kind (those who are okay with monsters BTW Undertale Monsters), Lucky Dragon (jealous people call him because he has a harem)
Occupation Political Leader (In some respect), Hero
Affiliation His Home and Country
Hobby Relaxing, Reading, Hanging out with friends and family(Especially his kids), Practicing Draconic magic
Favorite Food Pork, Burger, Fries
Family Lina(1st), Tina(2nd Wife), Grace(3rd Wife), Frisk(Adopted Daughter), Flynn(Adopted Son), Azul (Adopted Son)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 5'3"
Theme Hell Ya! by Soulicit

Sonic Cody or Cody as he pefers, in his youth was used as sacrifice for a demoinc ritual. However the out come has transformed him into a being that can be identified as either a Draconic humanoid or a Humanoid Dragon. Now with powers of Dragon he protects his home, friends and family from his foes.


Cody looks fairly human despite really being dragon. Average hieght, pretty slim, two arms, two legs, usual stuff that a human has. He has brown eyes, black hair, and tan skin. He wears glasses, a red jacket, black t-shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers. But when he seen in a dragonman form he devolpes red scales on his body, wings, a tail and two black horns. In a dragon form he is a large dragon with golden red scales all oer his body, spines and horns that are black, large wings


He is fairly laid back and and fun loving. He views himself as a dragon though he was a human.  When it comes to his family he is willing fight to protect them and being a dragon makes that not a problem. For the mst part he is an easy going guy.


When Cody was only four his parents were killed and he was taken to be a sacrifice for a clut's demonic god. However a benovolent being spared him from such a horid fate. Which led him to become a dragon like human. No one would take him in as a son...until he met a kind man who was a gifted magic user. The man took him in as a son and taught in the ways of the dragon. As time went a long Cody learned how to manifest his draconic powers though his body. The man reveaed himself to being a dragon...and the same entity that saved him from becoming a pawn to a terribe demon god. When he felt that he was ready to take on the challnges ahead; Cody left his home to find his own place in life. Along the way he met Frisk and adopted her. The Rest is yet to come.... 


Yeah... He's a badass. Just look at the powers he can use

Types of Spells used with his Dragon Magic

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