• CoolCat123450

    Name: Aldrich Reid Schultz

    Alias: A.R. Schultz, Doctor Schultz, The Entrepreneur, Master of Industry, The Magnate, Caduceus, The Blue Baron, The Golden Child, Living Panacea

    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Species: Human

    Age: 78

    Occupation: CEO of A.R. Global Resources, Financial And Resources Benefactor for Cipher, Collaborator for the Lotus Group

    Affiliation: A.R. Global Resources, Cipher, Lotus Group

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  • CoolCat123450

    Name: Jack Faust

    Alias: The Avenger, The Anarchist, Vigilance, Cryostasis, Granter of Immortality, The Masked Murderer, Cold Killer, The Great Illusion

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Species: Altered

    Age: 14

    Occupation: Leader of The Aletheian Society, Avatar of Leviathan

    Affiliation: The Aletheian Society, Leviathan

    Powers: Psychosomatic Illusion Physiology (Illusive Appearance, Contaminant and Disease Immunity, Intangibility and Cryo-Phasing, Immortality) Ice Mimicry, Freezing, Ice Aura, Cryostasis and Frostbite (Through Touch). Atmospheric Freezing (When In A Cold Environment), Mind Link (With Leviathan), and Memory Reading (Through Touch)

    Abilities: Tactical Analysis, Photographic Deduction, Peak Human Intelligence, Tracking Evasion, Enhanced Conditi…

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  • CoolCat123450

    Name: Novus Prime

    Alias: Beast, Mutant, The Thing, Experiment #0, Leviathan, The Unknown, Master of the Infected

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Species: Mutate

    Age: 9

    Occupation: Military Research Subject, Uncontained Anomaly

    Affiliation: Military Research, Mutants

    Powers: Mutation Inducement through Touch (Completion of Mutation Depends on Length of Contact), Anti-Psychic Presence Hive Genetic, Shared Conscious with the Infected, DNA Vision

    Abilities: Hypercognition and Processing, Enhanced Memory, Nano-Active Blood, Supernatural Condition-Expert Level (Supernaturally Dense Tissue and Great Strength), Telomere Regeneration (Regenerative Healing Factor-Advanced Level)

    Powers of the Infected: Genetic Mutation, Enhanced Condition, Contaminant Immunity, Shar…

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  • CoolCat123450

    Name: Stephen Williams

    Alias: The Visionary, The Heart of the Corporation, Guru of Modern Technologies, The Precursor to the New Order, Fortune 500

    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Species: Enhanced Human

    Age: 75

    Occupation: Co-founder of the Neo-Kosmos Corporation, Technological Developer for Cipher

    Affiliation: Neo-Kosmos Corporation, Cipher

    Abilities: Enhanced Intelligence, Tactical Analysis, Business Intuition, Enhanced Inventing, Psychological Intuition

    Devices: Electronic Eye (Enhanced Vision, Electromagnetic Vision) Portable Cloaking Shield Generator (Adjustable), Telecom (Telepathic Relay, Psychic Communication)

    Motto: "Change is inevitable." 

    Quotes: "The reason I joined Cipher is to make this world a better place. This artificial eye in my socket is…

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  • CoolCat123450

    Name: John Tammet (Real Name: Unknown)

    Alias: Director Tennant, The Government, The Operator, Mission Control, The Unseen

    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Species: Altered

    Age: 68

    Occupation: Director of the CIA, Leader and spymaster of Cipher

    Affiliation: CIA, Government, Cipher

    Powers: Imperfect Causality Perception and Hypercognition

    Abilities: Enhanced Intelligence,  Parallel Processing, Tactical Analysis, Body Language Analysis, Photographic Deduction, Computer Operation Intuition, Enhanced Surveillance, Enhanced Marksmanship, Special Ops Mastery (Formerly)

    Motto: ""There is great value in knowing your enemy, and even more so in your enemy not knowing you."

    Quotes: "Lying under the fabric of the grand design of everything is a seamless, interconnected ne…

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