Name: Alfred Livingston

Powers: Peak Human Condition, Enhanced Intelligence, Intuitive Aptitude, Strong Soul, Indomitable Will, and Will Empowerment.

Background: Childhood:

Humble Beginnings

Alfred Livingston was born in a middle-class family residing in the small town of Belmonte Bay. His parents were two of the greatest heroes to ever grace the Earth with a loving father who was christened 'The Captain' who possessed enhanced strength and insane durability and a nurturing mother or 'The Mayflower', a witty heroine who was capable of flying at supersonic speed. Living in the shadow of his parents and his burgeoning envy of his superpowered peers almost caused his will to crumble due to fate's overt bias, and even the eternal affection from his parents couldn't satisfy his self-worth.

His intelligence was the only attribute that truly separated him from most of the individuals he has known, but he desired the strength to compete even with the renown titans of the world. He studied every field he could intent on identifying and correcting his weaknesses and honed his senses merely for the justifiable approval of his parents and his stark determination to avoid being a nobody amongst a legion of potential heroes.


Young Adulthood:

Making a Mark

At the tender age of 23, he founded a burgeoning enterprise that was officially christened, Alfred's Inc., a weapoons manufacturing company that revolutionized combat for the military and government agencies. He detached himself from the former ideals rooted in his upbringing of becoming a fully realized, archetypal hero and compensated by becoming a business mongul that provided the government with a greater means of control and devalued superheroes in general by offering a greater way of destruction and more open access to it. His father was sorely disappointed that his only progeny was fabricating lethal tools of war, and his mother was despondent because of the estrangement that developed in their familial unit.

Four years later, his corporation was a worldwide entity. He even attracted the attention of a highly advanced organization termed the Extraplanar Improvement Initiative and engaged a small representative group in an exchange of technology and ideas. He always entertained the thought of alternate dimensions and planes of existence, but he never seriously contemplated that they could interact. What surprised him most was that the entire group was clearly female, but he never inquired why presuming that it's merely the cultural divergence between realities.


Middle Age:

Collapse and Desperation

He was 42 when his corporation started to crumble even under his supervision due to most of his industry focused on arms dealing and weapon contraction, and his predictive model was forecasting an even further irrevocable collapse. The major countries were initializing a treaty for world peace, an undertaking he was seminal in developing and greatly subsidizing, aware of the public recognition he would receive and the devaluation of the supers that he began to despised. He grossly underestimated the efficiency and the time scale of the formidable endeavor and he only had one option to restore his enterprise. Thankful for timely obtaining the feed from most street security cameras within the area due to not entirely trusting the organization, he was able to see the EI2's portal generator in action when they departed his plane and engaged himself on a decade long personal project to reverse engineer the technology. It was far beyond the technological capabilities of his planet, but through his determination, he was able to finally succeed. He knew he could not mass produce it due to the rarity of the materials used for its construction and the precise alignment of the subcomponents that was nearly impossible to replicate. Hoping fate would not betray him once more, he sought alternate planes of existence searching for any shred of hope in salvaging his company.

Three years passed and he has accrued advance technology from various civilizations and abundant resources from barren worlds. His vision was realized and his enterprised was miraculously revived and he, as a preemptive defense, broadened his companies commercial versatility to a greater purview. He's regained his power as a business magnate, accelerated his esteemed political standing, and constructed a sleek and aerodynamic high-tech exoskeleton to be the super that he should have been born as. During his interplanar escapades, he stumbled upon a particularly progressive and revolutionary civilization that appeared to have seamlessly amalgamated magic and technology. Knowing in his mind that they would not give him the full secrets of their success in the formulation of such wondrous mechanics, he knew he would have to swiftly and unrelentingly subjugate their nation. There were many obstacles such as the scope of his influence in his world regarding swaying the government, and by extention, the military to his ultimate goal and compensating for the large technological gap between the civilizations, but he was determined to win and overcome all odds, but for that, he needed to prepare. 

It has been five years since he arranged everything according to his overarching plan. He solidified the world government by swaying all the strong minor countries that opposed the new world order through economic promises and covert financial dealings, introduced the president of the newly founded 'Global Alliance', the chief of staff, the secretary of state leaders of the numerous government agencies, and many other high ranking officials to the concepts of extraterrestrial planes, alternate universes, and outside dimensions. He demonstrated the capabilities of the portal generator he has generated and how he could attain the resources to restore his corporation, and exploiting the inherent xenophobia of the political cabinet, fabricated a story about an extraplanar civilization that is preparing to invade and conquer their planet. The president hastily placed the military forces and plentiful resources in Alfred's authority and jurisdiction. To prepare for the extraplanar war, he garnered resources to mass produce the portal generator technology to more freely access alternate dimensions and open more pathways for additional attack points and to effectively decrease the chance of few openings being used as disadvantageous choke points. He arranged his military in the most tactically beneficial locations determined to hasten his acquirement of the ultimate technology.

The Interplanar War

The war was ready to commenced and the battle plans were ready to be executed. Within seconds of the activation of the portal, multiple planes flew through with a great nuclear payload. Hoping to deal a debilitating blow and render the nation incapable of counterattacking, the first strike was entirely devoted to haphazard destruction... which was completely ineffective because of the virtually impenetrable shields that still held up under the assault. Somehow it seems they knew about the invasion and prepared accordingly. A mixture of air and ground units comprised the second wave, but while they caused minor collateral damage, the oppositions combination of robotic units, greater organization, and advanced weaponry massacred the Global Alliance's forces. From the first few hours, it was obvious who would win this war and even the leader didn't consider their efforts worth his appearance. Even as Alfred himself fought in his protective high-tech exoskeleton, his capabilities were completely surpassed by what looked to be the robots lieutenant. The Global Alliance quickly called for a retreat to salvage as much of their military forces as they could. Unfortunately, the portals themselves began to malfunction, distort, and finally contract. Some were proximal enough to the extraplanar portals to abscond the inevitable defeat while most of the military forces including Alfred were trapped with all ties to their home dimension completely severed. Feeling overburdened with unwavering penitence due to sacrificing a great number of his world's military, his failure in achieving his goal, and his impending imfamy throughout the future of his world's history, all he could do at this point was die as noblest a death he could at the hands of his adversary. Then time began to slow down and come to a complete stop as a middle aged man materialized before him introducing himself as Timothy Trevor. Looking around examining the frozen yet gruesome sight that was the battlefield, he questioned why he of all people haven't been dealt fate's final hand and Trevor casually answered stating that it was just not his time. Alfred lost everything he's worked for, was completely lost in another dimension, and was infuriated because of his constant failure to the point that he sincerely began to feel that he would have rather died. He exploded at his savior, but to his confusion, Trevor turned his head to the right, listened with an almost unnatural tranquil countenance and at the end of his diatribe, simply responded with "I know." Alfred, In the midst of his newfound curiosity, swiftly felt as if he physically shifted and saw that he was relocated to his home dimension at Belmonte Bay but observing the newer state of the buildings and the dress style of the passerbyes, he knew he was back in the past, and for one of the few times in his life, he didn't know his next step... and Trevor was gone. Looking down, he saw a sticky note with writing on the ground. Gingerly picking it up, he read, "we'll meet again, and you're the one who will decide when." He had a plan and promptly discovering that Trevor transported him almost a year before his actual birth, he had to act expeditiously.

____________________________________________________________________________________ Early Transition to Old Age:


Before he was 60, Alfred figured out the technical shortcomings of his portal generator especially when it was utilized on a massive scale. While he could adequately replicate its effects, he realized that the technology to create it was in a different league and despite his extraplanar resources, he discovered that the energy source to fuel it required the power from the beginning of the universe itself to permanently stabilize it, unless the effect was initiated by an individual's own power. Even the electronic induction, basic circuitry, and precise alignment required a knowledge of electronic theory that his planet and the planes he visited didn't have access to. In spite of all of his blueprint's flaws, it still served its basic function, and any path to his goal was a necessity. Moving to the largest big city, he convinced a tech company to fund his project and used an abandoned warehouse as his base of operations. Perfecting his methods of design in the previous timeline, he easily recreated the portal generator within a few months. Before he journeyed to attain greater power and a few months before his alternate's birth, he enlisted the services of John Newton due to his unique abilities to spy on his younger alternate self to ensure that the life he lived didn't deviate drastically from his original past. After giving the best evidence possible that he was an involuntary time traveller to the point that Newton could fathom his story being true, Alfred listed many of his milestones that he could recollect in his life, and gave Newton a directive to not interfere in his alternate's life but to apprise him of any divergence so that he may fix it himself. Alfred was inclined toward keeping his entire life the same except that disgraceful, demoralizing debacle. 

He travelled throughout the variegated planes of reality seeking ways to be stronger for himself and change his future and to reunite with Trevor again. During his extensive travels, he stumbled across a universe which was unprecedented technologically as far as he knew, and fortunately, had a vastly expansive system of entire worlds that are highly inclusive with a flawless economic and social structure. This very concept and scope of unification would have been thought to be impossible on his planet, and if he did not see it for himself, he wouldn't have realistically believed in its existence in any reality. Seizing the opportunity, he joined and affiliated himself with the collective society that he now knew to be Orbis Memoria.


Old Age:


Prior to turning 90, Alfred lived out a third of his life on the all-encompassing utopia learning from their greatest institutions and gaining a mutual trust from its inhabitants. Studying xenopology, he's also acquired knowledge on extraplanar cultures including their linguistics, beliefs, ideals, values, and economic systems eventually finding himself broadening his perspective. He's also cultivated himself on multiversal theory and planar cartography while training and subsequently mastering their courses on quantum temporal theory. He's also received medication and maintained a dietary standard that would add years to his longevity.

Still adamantly adhering to his ambitions, he's gathered from rumors and casual conversation that Trevor has visited other members of the populace; however, his movements were too erratic to be tracked. He's also ascertained that a powerful individual christened Grey was the ruler that will slaughter his people in the future. He's also learned that Lawrence Selforge was the leader of the nation that gave him the idea for the portal generator, and talks about an alliance between the two were in circulation at the time. Due to a more insightful structure of planes, he was able to work out a more efficient way to travel from Orbis Memoria to his Earth, and his greater knowledge on mechanics has allowed him to construct a better portal generator. He has occasionally travelled to Earth to meet with his agent, Newton, and was happy to learn that so far, his life had been exactly the same so far so he was still capable of predicting his future to a high degree. 

He's personally designed specialized instruments as a precaution to achieve his objective while working in the field of quantum temporal theory including a time disruptor device that's built into his artificially intelligent magnetic-beam reinforced alloy manufactured backpack powered by a matter-antimatter reaction contained within a spatial field, a portable force-shield emitter built into his watch, and a teleportation device.

After turning 91, he set off to revisit his home and observe his past alternate himself. Pulling Trevor's note from his pocket when he returned, he began to contemplate if it was even wise to interfere with his own life. He desired to preemptively stop the war before it even began and erase that disgraceful blemish on his behalf, but at the same time, he desired something he learned was even more valuable; peace of mind. He observed that despite his age, he looked as if he was in his early 70's and perusing the newspaper, he found that his name was on the front page. He notified his agent of his return, and when Newton reported that absolutely nothing has changed, he had an epiphany and began see everything in a different light with the apparently desultory pieces of an intricate puzzle finally connecting together. Scavenging pieces from extraplanar dimensions, he returned to the abandoned warehouse and sketched a draft of his final device to fulfill his objective.




10 years passed and the time finally arrived for the development of the interplanar war. He had mixed feelings about his undertaking but consoled his doubts by considering his years of preparation and the fact that fate finally had to cooperate. He remembered all the bases his portal generator network covered and the grounding he incorporated for the set up. Passing through the stringent security safeguards and the ubiquitous surveillance was not going to be a problem, but timing would still be everything. He regularly checked the headlines for the feed on the Global Alliance's mobilization, and soon, the initialization of their departure for war would begin.

Just as he remembered, the aircraft with the heaviest nuclear payload was the first to enter the portal. When they were done executing their failed attack, the combination units were preparing to invade. Using his cloaking device, he infiltrated their base and surreptitiously assimilated into their ranks. When it was their turn to launch a barrage, he casually entered the portal completely concealed and unknown. He decided to find the highest point on their land and inconspicuously observe the engagement already knowing the inevitable outcome. He looked over what he now remembered as Mologamy City and came to a startling discovery after within 20 minutes of the battle; the opposition was merely holding the Alliance back and not actively attacking with the full capabilities of their forces. It seemed as if they were stalling waiting for official word to truly begin their attack, or most likely, they observed that their technology was years beyond the Alliance's and didn't want to prodigally deplete their resources.

He resolved to find the answer himself discerning that he had more than enough time. He knew that a cloaking device wouldn't be enough to escape the eyes of their surveillance systems, and he was confident that they possessed teleportation sensors and probably even teleportation diversion technology especially when he strived to infiltrate what was most likely to be their most secure and classified location. Disabling the cloak, he activated his time disruption device and the whole battle began to appear to be frozen in time. He began to make his way to the populous metropolis scanning the inanimate battlefield where he was once risking his life noting he couldn't spot his younger alternate self in all the chaos. Currently standing in front of the tallest edifice in Mologamy City, he mentally engineered his plan. He recalled from rumors on Orbis Memoria that the primarily database for their information network was installed on the top floor.

His time disruption device still activated, the frozen unaware employees opening the wide glass doors, he easily made his furtive entry and slipped through the security checks and finally arrived into what he perceived was the privacy of his restroom. After confirming he was alone, he deactivated his temporal invention because it wouldn't allow him to use the elevator and used his cloaking device to create a hard-lined holographic image of an average denizen of the area and hiding his mechanical backpack. He casually ambled through the bustling and florid lobby trying to not draw any suspicion and entered the elevator that wasn't occupied. When the door closed, he immediately had his backpack hack the systems as a precaution against the doors opening on the higher levels and to misdirect the elevator's surveillance systems. When the doors finally opened on the top floor, he quickly activated his time disruption device and using his apparent superspeed, quickly incapacitated the employees in the area and didn't allow anyone to engage the defensive matrix. 

The room was filled with advanced technology including interactive holograms, teleportation pads, and even what appeared to be a miniaturized hadron collider, but he fixed his mind on the main computer that was installed on the other side of the room. Quickly making his way toward the large monitor which he noted had a detailed planar map on the screen, he deactivated his time disruption device and allowed his packpack to access the port on the main computer. Five seconds into the information extraction process, the backpack's computer beeped twice indicating that it was powering down and, in the midst of his confusion, he felt an unknown force  telekinetically lift him up and throw him back against the wall. Visibly dazed from the sudden turn of events, he looked up locking eyes with an imposing figure with a hooded trench coat with a sleek electronic staff. Based on what he knew of his description and the general aura of authority, it was undeniable that he was face to face with the chief leader of the sector.


Alfred remembered that his name was Gray, and from what he heard, he was renown as a master of magic that delved into its darkest secrets. The mage was a complete mystery even more than Trevor, and he seemed just as knowledgeable. Gray asked him why he intruded and attempted to hack into his database, and Alfred responded honestly about his desire to make sense of his absence in the war and explained his life and meeting with the individual who sent him back in time. The mage seemed to know of Trevor himself by how he visibly reacted when he mentioned his name and he saw that Alfred was remorseful for his attack in the past. When he was done retelling his history and observed that he had no weapons in his possession, Gray was willing to tell him the information he wanted to know.

Generating a holographic image in his left hand, he gave a visual presentation of the upcoming threat upon their entire planar region which happened to be an entire sentient universe that was christened 'Omicron'. He explained that Omicron dispatched an army of extremely powerful 'heralds' that wreaked havoc across their entire region even destroying entire planes of existence in the process. An Interdimensional Coalition was formed to repel the threat, but to ensure protection of civilizations that are not sufficiently advanced enough to be able to assist in the crisis, they erected a virtually impermeable dimensional barrier that required a portal generator of almost infinite energy or specified adaptation to access the regions beyond. Any attempt by other means merely resulted in diverting the destination of the planar traveler. Gray also explained that he was busy preparing for combat against the multiversal assailants and that Alfred's attempt to hack the database caused him to return to his home to assess the danger. It also explained how Mologomy City was prepared for the nuclear bombardment; they were simply defensive measures preempted for the more cosmic war that was transpiring.

As Gray concluded his enlightening dissertation, the illuminated portion of his staff briefly scintillated, and consequently, Alfred's backpack signaled that it was powering back on. He also glanced at the sign indicating the floor number and saw that he was actually 3 floors below the top. Whether it was an elaborate misdirection tactic or an imperceptible accident, he deliberated on the possibilities and that's when he felt himself physically shift, and again, he was on the battlefield. Quickly activating his cloaking device, he searched for his past alternate. He noted that the soldiers of the Alliance started retreating and the portals were beginning to contract and instantly knew that time was of essence. He finally located himself in his high-tech exoskeleton as he was engaged in a conflict with the robot lieutenant. The portals finally contracted completely, and a few minutes after, he noticed his alternate began to flicker in and out of existence. Hastily activating his time disruption contraption, he deduced that he must slip into the same time-stream and had his personal computer synchronize with his alternate's temporal displacement undoubtedly initiated by the time manipulator. The war-zone began to become suspended in time and his alternate became completely palpable again with Trevor manifesting in front of him. He stood a few meters from the two and still had his cloakiing device engaged observing the encounter from afar.

Everything was transpiring exactly as it should be and in the midst of contemplating his inevitable success, he suddenly heard his younger self suddenly erupt projecting his misplaced anger at Trevor. He recalled the time displacer rotating his head in the midst of his emotional turmoil and waited for that indication that nothing has changed. Soon, Trevor actually carried out the action, but to Alfred's surprise, he turned and stared straight at his own eyes wondering how he could even perceive him while he was fully cloaked. Everything soon dawned upon him and confirmed one of his most pressing theories. He established that he was confined in a stable time loop finally realizing that when Trevor turned his head when he was in the past, he was staring at an older version of himself... and when he displaces the younger alternate in the past, it will happen and again ad infinitum. He felt much less powerless against the labyrinthine forces of fate.

Finding his resolve, he waited until his alternate has departed this timeline viscerally aware of his fate and approached Trevor while deactivating his cloaking. Trevor continued to give him a distant stare and he couldn't help but have a strange respect for the time displacer who he now knew initiated the temporal loop. Alfred took the note out of his pocket and placed it in Trevor's hands and gave a recount on the information he learned from Gray, his life after he was sent back, and questioned the rationality behind his exodus into the past.

Trevor explained that he was there to prevent himself from possessing the power that genetics would have provided and clarified he indirectly implemented the action by using his espionage agent who did not have full control of his abilities at the time. He revealed that when Alfred was born, Newton went by the Belmonte Hospital to make sure he was born at the exact minute that was specified and unconsciously triggered a weak power negation field. His parents barely sensed it, but it completely effaced the inherent genetics of his burgeoning abilities rendering him as a normal for all his life. Alfred angrily demanded to know the purpose behind all of this. Trevor responded by calmly explaining that Alfred would become too powerful and gradually develop sociopathic tendencies, and through a multiversal effort, become confined to a plane of eternal pleasant dreams to ensure that he wouldn't rise up again. Alfred denied that he would detach so strongly from reality only for Trevor to remind him that without supernatural abilities to abuse, he irrationally initiated a war merely for the acquirement of technology.

Alfred finally understood the motivation and quickly inquired why the entire task had to be performed with a time loop and why he needed to be the one to indirectly influence his past. Trevor explained that just ending his prospective omnicidal destruction in one reality was not enough and travelling through multiple realities and changing them separately wasn't efficient since many more divergent realities quickly replace every alteration. A stabilized time loop was the most effective way of drastically reducing the probability of his alternate's chance of gaining powers and wreaking havoc through the omniverse since a recursive steady state is inherently resistant to divergence. Alfred felt overwhelmed by the bombardment of information and the knowledge of what he could have became, but finally questioned why he was destined to become so powerful. Trevor stated that he would have been the conduit for the alpha reality which is the nexus of all realities and the origin of existence and realization meaning he would have been able to access limited fractions of that reality in order to alter his personal reality at will, but Trevor also conceded that he wasn't privy to why Alfred was chosen to channel the primal force.

Trevor also mentioned that Omicron was progressing toward the alpha reality for his own reasons and the fact he existed in proximity to this planar system was an anomaly that even his temporal awareness couldn't predict which he felt justified his intervention. He then began to illustrate a general map of the omniverse and explain how reality's complex geometry can generally and crudely be broken down into a tree with the individual cells and its natural division symbolizing a universe, the water representing the general flow and distribution of evergy, and the branches denoting the nature of great multiverses to diverge. The space between the branches were entire stretches of absolute nothingness where causation and metaphysics didn't even exist. He went on to explain that the dimensional wall that the interdimensional league constructed on the barriers of an entire line of universes and planes effectively separated an entire section of one of those 'branches' from the cosmic threats. Quickly reminding Alfred that this is merely a crude representation of reality as a whole excluding hyperdimensional configurations, eldritch geometries, and completely unorthodox dimensions, he told him to prepare for everything and to regard the structure solely as a guide. Trevor looked over the note and disappeared with Alfred roughly aware that he was travelling back in time to place it on the ground for his younger alternate to retrieve.

Change of Pace

Yearning to see how time plays out, Alfred deactivated his time disruption device and cloaked himself with his gear. The resonation of soldiers in desperation instantly rang in his ears and the sound of overall battle resumed, but then a shriek resounded which induced an ambience of intense dread. Evidently, the fear was pervading the atmosphere and the entire battlefield froze with the eyes of every soldier anxiously searching for the source of the shrill sound. Every eye within the area turned to an imposing figure, Alfred recognized as Gray, surrounded by 5 entities in hooded cloaks. Gray proceeded to deliver, in a stentorian voice, an inspiring speech that enlightened the Global Alliance to how unnecessary the entire war truly was and used his power to restore the interdimensional portals and allowed the remaining combatants to return to their own universe. Before the transfer process could be initialized, approximately 100 people within the Global Alliance magically switched their standard armor to blue hooded cloaks and immediately fired blue spheres of energy indiscriminately but mostly at Mologamy City's military resulting in even greater chaos with confusion. Taking advantage of the disorder, 10 members of the deceptive assailants organized and surrounded a complex symbol etched on the ground quickly casting an incantation and summoning a towering stone golem that started trudging towards Gray and his company. Gray dismissively extended his hand toward the creature and the stone started to fracture and completely crumbled. Startled at how completely ineffective their strongest attack was, the assailants started concentrating their fire on Gray and his forces who proficiently absorbed their attacks. Realizing that they also had no chance, they commenced their retreat along with the rest of the Alliance with Alfred surreptitiously following from behind.



Back Home

Prior to becoming, 110 years old, Alfred erected a secret base and formed a complex and cryptic spy network from the resources and allies he gathered from different planes with James Newton as the director. Years ago, Alfred discovered from proxy that the leader of the obscure clan of mages christened Aleister Xanatos deceptively assaulted the Global Alliance and Mologamy's military during the interplanar war and used shapeshifting or physical illusion magic to imitate Alfred's features and craftily assumed his place as the leader of Alfred's Inc. He escaped political slander and infamy by blaming the failure on the sudden appearance of his own followers during the war and the observed retreat by many of the GA's forces. Aleister then proceeded to use the resources and political power as an owner of a major corporation to manage a secret project that even his spies attempt at specialized espionage couldn't reveal. Alfred knew he recognized Aleister's name from childhood even though he was always regarded with an unprecedented sense of mystery.

He decided to unravel the mystery by personally contacting a source that dealt with this threat years ago and succeeded in the past, but worried about how supportive it would be. Stopping his car at a small house at Belmonte Bay that he remembered as his former domicile where he was raised. As the memories from his childhood and teenage years flooded his mind, he knocked on the door an patiently waited. He heard the door start to open and he was looking in the eyes of 'The Captain' or as he best knew him, his father. His father's eyes narrowed and demanded to know why he returned aware of his son's envy and intentions when he first started his business. He then noticed that his son appeared to be remarkably older with several lines on his face, a more gravelled voice, and darkened eyes especially considering his appearance on the television and his face in the newspapers suggesting he was much younger.

It was slightly disconcerting for him until Alfred stated he could explain everything and then 'The Mayflower' rounded the corner and invited her son in for tea apparently not recognizing the changes in his features. The family sat around sipping their drinks while Alfred explained everything that has happened in his life including how he was sent back in time, why he doesn't have any special abilities, how he was actually decades years older than them and only appears to be younger because of the technological and medical advancements from another planar civillization, and what his spy network discovered of Aleister Xanatos. His parents intently listened with stark astonishment to every detail of what happened, but evidently recoiled when Xanatos name was casually mentioned.

The famous superheroes consequently revealed what happened when Alfred departed and developed his corporation. Everything resumed normally for a few years with the occassional worthy supervillain, but soon, everything changed. Apparently, Alfred indirectly depreciated the use of superheroes by giving the local and federal police forces access to better equipment which the elusive Xanatos used to his advantage by covertly usurping control of the local law enforcement department from the inside giving him a strong edge on the heroes in the area and ultimately furthering his convoluted schemes. Fortunately, before he could truly implement any of his nefarious plans, they exposed his conspiracy to the public and he escaped before too much information was leaked on him. During their last mission determined to finally incarcerate the evasive individual, the heroic duo found the mage's base discovering that he had stockpiles of advanced weaponry and large chemical vats organized throughout the main room. Overpowering the defensive measures and minions placed throughout the area, they finally encountered the major threat himself. They engaged him in an epic battle until the end, but before they eventually defeated him, he threw himself off the elevated metal platform appearing to commit sucide by jumping into a vat filled with a mix of volatile chemicals. It wasn't long after that event when the ideal heroes finally gave in to retirement.

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