Name: Alexander Reath


Alex, a.k.a. DataMind, on the prowl.

Aliases: DataMind

Age: 24

Alignment: Lawful Neutral, leaning good

Affiliations: The Underground

Occupitation: Former I.T. head of CRYCorp

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Single

Likes: Computers, Inventing, Loud Music, Video Games

Dislikes: Quite places, Psychics

Motto: "It had to be me, someone else would of gotten it wrong" -Quote from his favorite game

Quotes: "Mistakes? I don't make those, you do."

           "Can I do it? I can read 5000 words per minute, build a nuclear reactor from scratch, and store more information in my brain than all the computers on earth, and you ask if I can do it."

Hobbies: Building things, listening to music, playing video games

Talents: Eidetic and photographic memory, 320 I.Q., Elite Hacker

Abilities: Supercomputer brain

Powers: Cyber MindDigital Vision, and Augmented Reality Vision

Backstory: Alexander was born with an extreamly high I.Q., over 150, and also loved technology. He graduated from M.I.T. at 15 with 2 degrees, one in computer science, and the other was an I.T. degree. When he turned 16 CRYCorp picked him up. Offically Alex was head of their I.T. department, however he also assisted in many projects the company was undertaking. When Alex was 22 the R&D department created a device meant to bestow psychic powers on an individual. However, when activated the device maulfunctioned, exploding and send a pulse out over the city. Alex awoke 4 days later in the hospital, and found that the event, now known as Turning Point, had bestowed upon him powers. His I.Q. had nearly tripled, his brain now stored a seemingly limitless amount of information and his eyes were capable a viewing and scanning objects to collect data. It wasn't long before he realized that the device had accomplished its purpose, and had turned CRYCorps head members into powerful psychics, and they were creating more every chance that they could get. Turns out that the device had been created to help CRYCorp take over the city, and soon, the entire U.S.A. Feeling somehow responsible for the event Alex set out to try and make things right. He found his new abilities hard to adjust to however. Unless he was in an area with loud noises he found it hard to focus, the constant information streaming in and stored in his brain was audible to him, sounding like constant whispers, and on top of that, using his abilities for a prolonged amount of time drained him. He collasped in an allyway one night and was found by Robert Jones, a.k.a. Ares, and brought to The Underground. When Alex woke up Ares explained that the underground was a group dedicated to stopping CRYCorp, and they wanted his help. Alex signed on, and has been helping them fight CRYCorp for the last two years.

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