Cursed warrior 343 Cursed warrior 343 23 August 2018


Powers:  Mind Of The Cross

Cross Manipulation (Main Power)

Central Powers:

Strong Soul


Unity Force Manipulation

Personal Mastery

Nature Manipulation

Supernatural Wisdom

Higher Consciousness


Inverted Powers:

Malefic Force Manipulation

Sword Manipulation

Humility Embodiment

Backstory: Crozymandias used to be one of Restauro's Eternity Warriors, responsible with neutralizing those who killed too many and keeping the universe in balance, but Crozymandias grew tired of the simplistic and naive goal and so he battled his way out of their cause, he then traveled the world, carrying out the will of The Cross: an ancient force of true faith. Crozymandias then met God Emporer Lastius, Lastius said that the world was in need of Crozymandias' powe…

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Cursed warrior 343 Cursed warrior 343 15 August 2018




Toxic Energy Manipulation

Toxic Energy Attacks

Ultimate Poison

Omnipoison (although it has a lower chance to kill than her ultimate poison, it causes great pain)

Poison Embodiment

Poison Generation

Poison Empowerment

Corruption Embodiment

Corruption Empowerment

Foul Hunter

Omni Corrpution Inducement

Anchored Strong Dark Soul

Supernatural Combat

Enhanced Assassination

Backstory: On the R-verser Homeworld, there lives a mysterious lady. dressed in bright clothing and shaded by an umbrella, That lady is Vel, Cleric of the R-versers.

Vel was born a commoner in the kingdom of Crossarc. Her parents were known for their cures and potions. In her youth she was... complicated, she got in fights and stole things. As she grew up she was a mystery to…

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Cursed warrior 343 Cursed warrior 343 27 December 2017


  • 1 Name: Restauro  (God-Emporer Timeline)
  • 2 Personality
  • 4 Feats
  • 5 Theme



Healing Energy Attacks

Healing Energy Manipulation 

Omni Healing

Flawless Restoration

Life-Force Generation

Soul Bound Entity

Healing/Regenerative Empowerment

Restoration Embodiment

Absolute Restoration

Backstory: Restauro is the one of the most powerful healers in existence. His powers enable him to cure any disease, heal any wound, repair any damage, fix any mind, and so on...

Restauro's homeworld was the same as the R-versers and Nex. However, he is not an R-verser himself but rather a being of pure healing energy which is mortally deadly to the strongest of them. Unlike most beings of death Restauro has a backstory, Centuries ago, On the R-verser homeworld he wa…

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Cursed warrior 343 Cursed warrior 343 7 December 2017

The Day Walker

  • 1 Name: The Day Walker (W.I.P)
  • 2 Profile (as evaluated by Detective Steward)
  • 3 Psych. Profile
  • 4 The Day Walker (Revealed)
  • 5 Backstory:
  • 6 Personality


Killing Intuition

Supernatural Criminology Intuition 


Detail Intuition

Magicians Intuition

It was a grey, boring, morning in the city of Sorsborrow. The annual party at city hall was something that cancelled that. It was all fun and drinks until right in front of everybody two people, a young gangster and a new saintly politician both collapsed to the floor and died in front of everyone. Everyone was obviously startled and ran in all directions until the police arrived to sort out the situation. among the things that baffled the officers was the fact that the two people who died had no rela…

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Cursed warrior 343 Cursed warrior 343 7 December 2017

Sargent Maria

Full Name: Maria Gretel Scarlet


Spec Ops Mastery

Equipment Usage

Backstory: A brash and headstrong leader in the S.W.A.T team of Sorsborrow city, Sargent Maria Scarlet is not someone to be messed with. She has assisted Detective Steward in dozens of cases but she is assigned only when it is a last resort. In her youth she learned quickly from brutes, bullies, and even her own father that strength is needed to live. So, she became involved in police work at the age of 17 which would led her to a job in Special Weapons and Tactics Division. However, she is not a peacemaker (far from it actually) she has made rash desicions that almost cost her career such as making the descision to clear out an entire warehouse full of smugglers out of a…

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