[1]POWERS: aether/nether manipulation

aether/netherkinetic swordfighting,


psychic immunity,

maximum quintessential energy control

maximum death-force control,


unhealing inducement


ability mastering

Ultimate Fighter 

Unbreakable will 

Omni-Negation/removal immunity 

"Is that the other me?"

Backstory: born with power over life and death energy. Azurath was targeted by the High Dimensionals because of this power. He has destroyed many empires supporting the High dimensionals

Childhood: he was'nt always that powerful. When he was little he lived on a planet that was frequently abused by empires because of its resources which were valuble to them but toxic to his race. He then watched as day by day his family and friends disappered because of every empires aggresion until the empires decided to kill all the inhabitants and thus a near genocide was conducted with him finally discovering his powers but being the sole survivor of the attack. This terrible event gave him a hatred of all empires and he vowed to destroy them all. Especially the High dimensionals. 

After finding out about the hypocratic hate towards his alternate self in another dimension he found out that he could combine his soul with that of his alternate self and so he did gaining a powerful new set of abilities once his alternate self is summoned to fight alongside him and having the abilities that they share strengthned. 

Weaknesses: is challenging to defeat but not impossible

Character facts:

This is a duplicate of my first character

Custom Power Explanation:

Aether/Netherkinetic swordfighting: Azurath uses the powers of aether and nether energy forces and master sword fighting to create a deadly art

Maximum Death-force control: the opposite to maximum quintessential energy control, this power allows Azurath to control massive amounts of death energy




Theme song:

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