NAME: Albert "Anoy" Linns 



Immunity Bypassing

Negation Immunity

Annoyance manipulation



Annoyance Inducement

Meta Ability Creation (works with immunity bypassing)

4th wall awareness

Backstory: Anoy is a superhero with a talent for annoying others but not to the point of suicide. He is known for trash-talking his enemies and humiliating them with his powers.

In his early life Anoy was always the one laughed at. But he had a talent for getting on people's nerves. Now the rest of his origin story is very "remote" so expect weirdness. When hewas tired of being made fun of he joined a specialized military group at a young age. He then had some doubts and was going to resign after a crucial mission but during said mission he was caputred by mysterious alien-like beings and transformed into his current form but did not yet recieve his powers. Then he was basically rejected by the beings and was left to wander the galaxy in search of artifacts. He eventually found a rare artifact and it bestowed him powers. 


-made several apathic assassin's deeply hate him 

-annoyed several gods 

-befriended AZURATH and Xavix


Anoy uses his fourth wall awarness and his Annoyance empowerment together to utilize the annoyance of the audience to improve his powers.

An Over-Lords power in general (Warning: dont watch If you suffer from seizures....Im serious)

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