NAME: Alexander Kaldur 



Meta Luck

Tychokinetic Combat

Probability Attacks

Luck Absorption

Luck Energy Manipulation



Backstory: Things did not used to go so well for Alexander Kaldur. From his horrible childhood to his depressing adulthood. And he knew what to blame. Luck. The foul energy that had hated him everywhere he went. To him it was responsible for giving him a childhood where he was constantly blamed and picked on. To him it was responsible for throwing him into a poverty ridden life where he is the scapegoat of a mafia boss and a husband to a wife who was ugly on the inside and out. To him it was responsible for making his own children betray him. By putting him in the wrong place at the wrong time. And when he was at his wits end and when all he thought about was suicide he was approached by a transcendent demon in disguise who offered him a choice: "gain the powers of luck or continue with your life and die". Seeing what he thought was an obvious choice he took the powers of luck.... but the demon did not mention that he would lose his heart and soul in the process making him have only his mind left but none of his humanity. Nowadays he runs a successful criminal organization that has yet to be accused of anything. 


Staff: Alexander's staff (or cane) is his most versatile weapon and is a mix of a minature mace for the handle, a hidden sword in the slender part of it, and a pricise mini-rifle 

Custom Gun:  a gun made from the highest quality and is very effective 

Equipment (not shown):

Poison Gas Grenades: Grenades with the most expensive and dangerous poison illegal money can buy

Smoke bombs: made so he can escape effectivley 

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