Name: Anton 



Chaos Attacks

Chaeon Physiology

Backstory: Anton is the "Hero" of the Chaoverse, A verse that is made up of so much unstable energy that its inhabitants have become naturally unpredicatble to the highest possible extent. In the Chaoverse basically everything is a disaster and a half but when a powerful enemy inherited a powerful ability he then realized that said villian needed to be stopped at all costs. But no one said he cant have fun along the way. Anton can use the chaotic forces that are naturally in him to unleash powerful untraceable attacks as well as enhance his natural unpredictability even further so he is practically has absolute agility

Chaeon Physiology

All native inhabitants of the Chaoverse have a mastered, transcended  Unpredictability that is so effective that it has fooled gods effortlessly and leaves anything else baffled. 

Chaeons also have a natural Chaos Physiology which is the source of their powers. Every Chaeon has a full-formed chaos physiology making them a pain in the neck to kill by most except for members of their race

Like any good agents of chaos their other natural powers are: 

Teleportation (Expert Level)

Flash Step

Time Stopping

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