Name: Arzuros (W.I.P)

The Gentleman

Meta Jinxed

Meta  Jinx


Breaker Touch

Positivity Empowerment

Backstory: Arzuros is a "hero" who causes as much destruction as the villians. He was born in the ruins of his parents home and saw them annihilated right before his eyes. If that isnt enough then he got a firsthand glimpse at hell where he was forbidden to enter heaven. Then he was sent back to earth with no one to look after him. What follows next is enough to to make anyone edgy...well, everyone except him apparently. Arzuros cannot fight to save his life yet still has weapons for some reason. When fighting villians him "winning" is both sides losing although he still stays positive and content with his life regardless of what it is. 

Arzuros is the opposite of most heroes, with no actual personal conflicts to begin with but a lot of physical conflicts to make up for it. 


Since his entire power revolves around weakness here are his strengths.

Absolute Unpredictability: as a is effect he is more unpredictable then most because instead of his mind deciding it is fate and chance that decides

(sometimes terrifying) Positivity: He could find the bright side of being tormented by eldritch deities in somewhere worse then hell (and thats a lesser example)

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