Name: Aurum (W.I.P)


Infinite Creativity (and the will to turn these ideas into reality)

Identity Dominance

Backstory: Aurum is the lawful neutral ally of Zale . Years ago Aurum was a small time criminal using his powers of creativity and an unusual identity based ability as a way to get as much money as possible. And then one day the mysterious being Xios came and told him that the path he was walking was weakening his powers. Aurum then learned a valueable life lesson: that great things are made because their creators want to change the world, not to get rich easily. Aurum accepted the advice and became a dedicated hero, unfortunatly his only mistake was believeing that Xios was infinitely good. For years he was convinced until one day when Xios was visiting him Aurum's world was attacked by Zale and thousands of innocent bystanders were killed. Aurum was ready to fight Zale until Zale told him about why he was currently this way. Aurum then suddenly began to see Xios in a new light and immediatly attacked him and went along with Zale. Although he now hated Xios for what he has done Aurum's heroism still remained and he often tried to convince Zale to not kill as much people.


Aurum's creativity lets him make dozens of gadgets and weapons

Type M Gaunlet (left hand): this gaunlet allows for complete control of all types of mana. With it, Aurum can control magic easily.

Type P Gaunlet (right hand): this other gaunlet allows for the manipulation of particles allowing Aurum to control almost all kinds of matter.

Trick Weaponry

S-oids : Small flying spheres that Aurum created that have the ability to slice objects and fire all kinds of projectiles. Even though they should have no concievable way of doing so.

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