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​Name: Axel Graves

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Artificially Enhanced Physiology

Machine-Human Physiology

Artificial Martial Arts

Optimal Finesse (Mastered AbilityTranscended Ability, Maximum Potential)     

Backstory: Axel Graves lived a normal life in the city of New Ares, with hopes of fighting for a good cause so he later joined the military in his adolesence. Unfortunatly, upon his parents death he (as well as the rest of the city) discovered that he was a Machine-Human hybrid. Because of this he was discharged from the military and treated as sub-human throughout his entire life.

Using his inherent cybernetic knowledge he built a suit so that he could enhance his physical and mental traits. He then went on to live a life of crime

It was during that life of crime that he met Max Corin and that was when their complicated rivalry began. It would continue on for years and their battles became unforgettable


The best way to describe Axel's personality is Lawful Evil.

He isnt a criminal mastermind but he is also not a mindless fool either. Using his abilities to their peak usefulness, he is notoriously successful on most of his exploits. This makes him one of Max's most resourceful enemies

He has little to no sympathy (but can feel other emotions like anger and joy) for anybody but has a strong sense of honor and a code he always abides by, as such he wil only do crimes that will cause an inconvinence for civilians instead of killing them, keeps the violence to an extent, and absolutely refrains from sexual crimes.

Axel is a kind of villian who, while letting the good part of him look obvious, will remind others that he is still evil and will battle the side of good.