Name: Calvan 

Max Corin

Word Lord:

Supernatural Condition

Backstory: In the superpowered world of Akron there exists an order that is nearly extinct. The Order of the Letter, powerful warriors who who use words to command universal forces and forces beyond comprehension. Unfortunalty, all powers have a price and this one was no exception. If one of the warriors used to many powerful words too many times they would transform into Ragnarok the Forbidden Word, and spread untold destruction across the multiverse. This curse happened a lot and the order's reputation was nearly destroyed and it was up to Calvan to restore the order's honor by destroying all the warriors who transformed into Ragnarok... While avoiding using as much words of power as possible.


Calvan is a very calm and disciplined person who will rarely fight with anybody and only wants to complete his mission. Under the trained exterior lies a great sense of humor that often keeps him going on with the impossible task.

Calvan often tries not to enter fights with powerful enemies as he does not fear losing the battle but rather losing himself to Ragnarok's dark powers and becoming one of his servants

Power Explaination

In order to understand Calvan's powers completely you have to understand Calvan's order. The Order of the Letter's powers come from a nigh omnipotent  Embodiment of Calamity called Ragnarok. Now, the Order believed that they could use Ragnarok's power for good. For the most part they were right. But quickly found out the price.

Calvan's armor has words written in a sort of invisible ink and when he uses one of the words it glows red. 


-Can only use one word at a time

-If he uses too many words of power then he either transforms directly into Ragnarok or a servant of Ragnarok. The chance of that depends on the severity of the effects of the word he is using and how much he has used it. For example: if he uses the words "devastation" and "forge" 5 times then the chance increases immensely and if he uses the lesser words 5 times then it would take longer.

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