NAME: Cartes (WIP)  

  • Cartes
  • Cartes (true form)


A TON of health

He can transform most attacks into dark matter which can heal him 

He can summon all sorts of living and none living weapons for him to weild as well as godlike and high-level supernatural beings to come to his aid in battle

He knows every type of magic there is.... and can unleash devestating Entropy, Psionic, and Chaos attacks

In his true form his powers are transcended to a powerful level and can be used more effectively

Backstory: Dark Lord Cartes is a powerful sorcerer who owns a part of the Cursedwarriorverse and is widely known as the Small Lord for his size but overwhelming power. He has mastered more magic than even a magic god/goddess can master in eons (and thats in his normal form)....

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