NAME: Causia 



Destiny manipulation 

Destiny assignment 

Meta Event manipulation 

Absolute change 

Meta Fate manipulation  

Casualty manipulation 

Embodies fate and all aspects of destiny 

Relative apperence alteration

Backstory: What, you expected  the avatar of destiny to be all rosy and flowery and all that crap? fine, on some days it is but there are other times where destiny is evil and it is responsible for destroying the lives of antiheroes and for making the most evil villians known to fiction by setting the right events in place. so what does this have to do with this character? well... this is the form and name destiny takes in the Cursedwarriorverse but its power differs when in other verses. "Causia" is actually an avatar of destiny in the omniverse and as such did not originate from the cursedwarriorverse but simply chose a form there. Many heroes from other verses have proven destiny wrong and provided hope to others that it can be defeated.


top: true form(in cursedwarriorverse)

Bottom: human disguise( in cursed warriorverse)

Causia(human form)
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