NAME: Cent Vey

  • Cent Vey
  • Cent Vey (Alien/Robot Form)
  • Cent Vey (Knight Form)

Boundless Inner World Creation

Meta Alternate Reality Creation

Alternative Dream Universe

Mindscape Materialization 


Omnificence Genesis

Meta Existence Manipulation

All variations of Creation

All variations of Constructs Creation

All variations of Entity Creation

Psychic Creature Creation

Basically any power that has "Creation" in its name (exceptOmni-Creator )

Backstory: Cent Vey is know as the Infinite Creator. His creation abilities are so powerful that they are completely unaffected by Nonexistence. He used his abilities to venture from the CursedWarriorverse and make his own verse(s) by creating infinite boundless inner worlds. Despite his abilities he is not a stereotype of them and acts very irresponsibly with his powers. Examples of this is when he made a sci-fi dimension with all sorts of pretty female characters for him to "interact" with, or a mirror world populated by alternate versions of characters from other verses including those from the Cursedwarriorverse. Cent cannot destroy with his abilities alone but he can create something that can destroy. There have been instances where his creations had gotten out of hand and since he was too lazy to stop them he put it up to AZURATH and others to stop them while he watches omniversal TV. As I said before there is no limit to what he can create and as such has created all sorts of galaxies and structures without difficulty

Character Facts:

-Although it may not look like it Cent Veys main armor is so unbelievably advanced and alien that it is capable of ultimate ascending

-His "enemy" Is Septh Mess

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