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Name: Crozymandias (W.I.P)  

Roman Christian.jpg

Powers:  Mind Of The Cross

Cross Manipulation (Main Power)

Central Powers:

Strong Soul


Unity Force Manipulation

Personal Mastery

Nature Manipulation

Supernatural Wisdom

Higher Consciousness


Inverted Powers:

Malefic Force Manipulation

Sword Manipulation

Humility Embodiment

Backstory: Crozymandias used to be one of Restauro's Eternity Warriors, responsible with neutralizing those who killed too many and keeping the universe in balance, but Crozymandias grew tired of the simplistic and naive goal and so he battled his way out of their cause, he then traveled the world, carrying out the will of The Cross: an ancient force of true faith. Crozymandias then met God Emporer Lastius, Lastius said that the world was in need of Crozymandias' power of faith and offered him to join his organization. Crozymandias declined, he stated that he would use his powers to help those who need faith, not for Lastius' will..