Name: Demerge the Traitor 

Demerge the Traitor

Dark Meta-Energy

Tetanian Physiology

Backstory: In the world of Teta-Infinitum there was once a powerful being that was close to, but not exactly, Omnipotent. The being knew of his power and used it to shape the rest of the omniverse but knew that even though it would not be an easy task he will one day be controlled by  another against his will. So he used all of his strength and destroyed his consciousness completely turning himself into energy and was eventually found by the denizens of Teta-Infinitum. A select few of the denizens now had the power to weild the Meta-Energy: the energy that connects and sustains all powers in existence. With two of them weilding the power to shape the fate of Teta-Infinitum. Your probably asking by now "Where does Demerge come in?" Well... millions of years later there lived two brothers: Erron and Demerge, who were successful in controling their powers and improving their world... Well, one was. Erron was the troublemaker and Demerge was the valedictorian. However, he was jealous of his brother's friends and easygoing personality compared to his own uptight and serious personality. So he decided to embrace the "stronger" side of the Meta-Energy and it ultimately consumed him making him the first Dark Meta-Energy user. This sudden change in Demerge forced the family troublemaker, Erron, to stop his evil brother. 

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