Name: Detective Steward 

Dectective Stewart
Full name: Jason Michael Steward


Police Supremacy

Social Intuition

Interrogation Intuition

Enhanced Investigation

Enhanced Charisma

Enhanced Brain Capacity

Psychological Intuition

Backstory: Jason Michael Steward is the "self-proclaimed" best detective in the Sorsborrow Police Department (S.P.D). In his childhood he lived in a particularly nice part of the city and was your normal average teenager with a "less then caring family" but despite that he enjoyed the time he spent with his childhood friends. Until the good neighbourhood of Bar St. was overrun by junkies, gangsters, and... the worst of humanity in general. On top of that he developed a rare genetic condition that made his bones less dense making them easily breakable. From then on he trained his mental abilities and studied intensely in his youth being particularly interested in solving mysteries and psychological tricks. When he became an adult he joined the City Police Department and was hired as a detective. He was often harassed by the fellow officers for his lack of strength but that was not a problem for him. Over the years, he cleaned up the city of Sorsborrow in about a week putting away criminals like: Devil Al, The Smuggler, Nobleman, Bloody Lady, and his archenemy: Screw. He even complained about the boredom being left about by the lack of criminals. Until a new terror started to show itself, a brutal murderer who kills in bright daylight and yet is not seen by anyone: The Daywalker . He could never understand this villian, it was so easy with the others but this one seems to baffle him at every turn. Trailing The Daywalker was like playing a card game: you think you have all the correct amounts and all the correct pieces and then this unforseen new element comes in and changes everything. It is almost like this villian is toying with him...


A shrewd individual with a sarcastic and somewhat lazy demeanour on the outside but on the inside he may as well be a rival to sherlock holmes. He is very charismatic and uses it to good use like getting out of fights where he is clearly outmatched or spilling the secrets from the most unreasonable of criminals.



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