Download's reincarnations

"no matter how many times i die". exterminate me and four more take my place

NAME: Download 



Total event collapse 

Transcendent machine physiology 

Transcendent science 


Meta space time manipulation 

Nigh omniscience 

Technology manipulation 


Imagination manipulation  


Paradox manipulation

Virtual warping 

Data warping 


Backstory: Download was once a mere underpaid worker who was designing a machine that could allow his world to visit alternate realites but and accident happened with the machines and he was caught in the middle. He was vaporized and everyone he knew presumed him dead and moved on..... they were wrong. Download in his early days took and solved all of the universes secrets in the time it takes you to blink. Now he travels to other planes of existence and acts as a last resort of order for falling universes  

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