NAME: Edna 



Transcendent Sadism embodiment

Killing empowerment 

Supernatural condition 

Telekinesis(basic level) 

Telekinetic combat

Telepathy(master level)

Telepathic combat 

Psychic torture

Psychic inhibitors  

Killing instinct 

Killing intent 

Backstory: Edna was once a promising student at a prestigous school in England until she was kidnapped by Salent( and used for traumitizing experiments which altered her being. Salent was eventually captured but not before doing a blood experiment on her. This altered her mind driving her insane and somehow with the combination of another donors blood gave her powerful superhuman abilites.

She is often seen in a straightjacket that is supposed to inhibit her movement but she is so skilled at telekinetic combat that she found a way to fight without the use of her arms.

As her powers tell she is very sadistic and is often known to eat parts of the flesh of her victims 



when she is on a rampage:

(dont judge me)

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