Name: Esign

Esign, The Slave of Destiny


Usurp Worth (Mastered Ability Transcended Ability

Backstory: Esign is known all arcoss the omniverse as "The Slave of Destiny". He stole the powers of many protagonists and "chosen ones" and has stolen their abilities and weapons as well as take the credit for himself. After some time went by he stopped doing that but never imagined the scale of the consequences. While some destinies are light and passive others are strict and detailed. Now It is Esigns job to fufill every last one of them. To make things even worse he loses a power every time he fufills a destiny one of his powers go away. Lucky (or in a way unlucky) for him he has stolen millions of destinies 

Esign often acts like a jerk. Not caring about anything that happens around him and is basically someone you would not want to be around. This often puts him in more trouble with heros and villians alike.

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