NAME: Esther


Occupation: Daugther of Asight(



Truth manipulation 

Boundary manipulation

Nigh Omniscience 

"Enlighted mode" (Meta transcendence)

Backstory: Esther is the daughter of Asight and an explorer of dimensions. She opposed her father's ways simply because she felt it was wrong to rob entire dimensions of their free will. So she left her father to find out the truth about everything that existed and eventually succeeded, mastering the concept of truth itself.

Character facts:

-She is very skilled in boundary manipulation so much that she can control the result of the power being used and mimic certain powers. These fake powers cannot be specifically negated because they are not the true version. 

-Her Enlightenment mode basically warps the effects of anything interacting with her and is a combination of truth manipluation and meta transcendence. At its lowest level it turns all magic into illusions, complex science powers into mere puzzles, and psychic powers into mind tricks. 

Weaknesses: although they cannot be manipulated by and nightmare powers whatsoever. To truly ascend all limits she has to deal with her personal issues. One of her issues is her father still being alive.

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