​Name: Estus the Nighweak

Estus the Nighweak

ReverseNigh-Omnipotence through Shadows

Backstory: Estus is from a race of beings called the Allweaks. Allweaks are the natural opposite of nigh-omnipotents and omnipotents meaning instead of being unbeatable they are too easy to beat. The auras (or presences) of normal and overpowered beings can destroy them instantly right after which they resurrect when said beings leave the area completely. Only the most weak of beings are able to see a glimpse of their form before they "die". With the fact that they cannot win against anything the Allweaks became uninterested in combat...well, all but one of them.... Estus was tired of being on the losing side and became the only warrior of his race. Unfortunately, he lost in every fight he had been in except when he fought Nex . It was a battle he nearly won until he was outsmarted. Ever since then Estus and Nex have been enemies.

Nex's natural weakness against weak enemies makes Estus a powerful threat as he can move very fast and use powerful shadow abilities to overwhelm Nex

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