NAME: Eve 


Power Embodiment(all applications)

Absolute Force Manipulation(all applications)

Absolute Condition


Rule Transcendence

Ignorant Limitation Transcendence

Fate Denial

Event Denial

Truth Denial

Imaginary Physics Manipulation

Backstory: Eve is the name of one of the individuals who ended up representing what happens when you have ultimate power. Once a woman with an unparalelled sense of reality. She wanted to obtain the power nessesary to rid her dimension of threats. She eventually reached the power she was looking for but combined with the power's overwhelming force on her mind and the certain powers it gave her it drove her mad and deluded and completely destroyed her sense of reality. In her new state she is very immature and often thinks herself as special and undefeatable. It also lowered her intelligence making her have the mind of someone younger then her.

Character facts:

-Her "Guesswork" ability allows her to almost warp entire realites but also influences her delusion that she knows everything in which case she does not.

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