Name: Freya 


Homunculus Physiology

Modified Soul

Evil Sense

Soul-Bound Entity (s)

Backstory: deep in the past of New Ares experiments of all kinds were being preformed. One idea was to make an artificial human being that could be expendable and fight wars for humankind in a sort of twisted chess game. Freya was supposed to be one of those beings but she escaped and killed all of her creators. She then found a way into the Unreality (a space between all realities) and discovered a prison there. As thanks the being would owe her his life. That being was known as Ripper. Freya found out that her soul was specially modified to bind otherworldly spirits to it. Filled with vengence she went back to New Ares to make all of the humans there into her own "Chesspieces". As a false human Freya does not have the spiritual, emotional, and mental weaknesses other humans have. She can also live without air indefinitley.

  • Ripper


Eldritch Physiology

Death Inducement

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