​Name: Gale Arc (W.I.P)


Transcendent Twilight Embodiment: He has had years to practice his twilight powers unlocking their natural potential

Twilight Physiology : He uses his Twilight power's unnatural potential to manipulate anything through it to turn his body into twilight energy

Omnikinetic Twilight Manipulation : He unlocked an unnatural potential with his twilight powers that allow him to manipulate anything through them


Gale Arc lived in a world where his powers were simply a gimmick compared to the world altering meta powers of his fellow superheroes. This made him a joke among the civilians who called him a "Glorified Light Switch". Determined to defy his appearence's stereotype and become a unique sort of hero he trained for decades trying to find a hidden use for his powers. This made him absent for years but almost no one noticed until one day he came back to his home city all calm and collected. When powerful villians approached him all he did was snap his fingers and then twilight energy shaped as roots in the ground flashed all around them. The villians were confused until one of their metal weapons glowed with twilight energy. The weapon levitated, bent, and dispersed into ash almost immediatly leaving the villians scared. Then another flash of twilight activated and affected the gravity in the area causing the villians to be pulled onto the ground where they were crushed into a bloody paste. The people of the city were riddled with fear after the display afraid of what Gale might do next. Gale reassured them and said this:

​"I will not take out my powers on the Innocent but rather the ones deserving of an execution. Taking out powers on those who are defenseless has gotten a bit boring and meaningless. Though now I have shunned the duality of a hero and a villian to find my purpose in the multiverse"

​After saying that he left his world to use his powers for his own personal gain. And while he did not hurt non-superpowered beings he did not bother to save them.


It is probably his personality that is one of his weaknessess. Gale acts like he has everything under control and acts like he is stronger then everyone else when most of the time he is not

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