NAME: Gome 



Selective invinciblity(combat) 

Ultimate fighter

Supernatural Agility  

Unrestricted murdering 

Supernatural speed 

Combat specialist 

Jinxed ( unimaginably unlucky)

Failure Embodiment 

Backstory: Gome is a rebel from another dimension who is working tirelessly to overthrow the Empress of his dimension. Absolutley no one would be able to beat him in a fair fight no matter how powerful they are. But before you assume him to be a bland overpowered character there is a catch to his powers. With all of his abilites he has not been able to succeed at anything important because he was doomed to fail in every event that matters. He could be prepared for the possible and impossible and yet if it was an important event, such as leading a rebel strike, he would fail in the most unimaginable way. 

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