Name: Hellsayer 


Real Name: Thomas (last name unknown)


Experience Manipulation (all applications )

Skill Adaptation

Attribute Manipulation

Attribute Replication

Fear inducement

Status Manipulation

Backstory: AZURATH knew Kells but was never really a good friend of him. But when he found out what became of Kells' son in the future even he felt sorry for the human warrior. In the near future Kells' son Thomas would develop a rare cancer and would have to be hospitalized. Now young Thomas' father ,Kells, was a great father but was rarly at home because of his crimefighting part of his life. This unintentionally caused Thomas to have doubts about his father's care for him, although they were little more than thoughts. But when Thomas developed said rare cancer once again Salent planted an explosive in Thomas' hospital room and activated it the moment Kells rushed in destroying the room and ,what everyone thought, killed Thomas. Kells was left devastated and quit crimefighting for two years. However, unbeknowest to Kells Thomas was found by Salent and dosed with highly advanced serum that accelerated his physical growth making him a boy stuck inside a mans body. Salent trained Thomas to become his personal assassin but failed in doing so and Thomas escaped only to be approached by mysterious men who offered him a suit that gave him powers naturally and amplified said powers. From then on the physically grown up Thomas called himself Hellsayer and got a job as an assassin for hire. To be summed up his powers give him full control not only over him but his capabilities and his combat suit, The Attrisuit, can augment these naturally given abilities and he has also mastered all of his abilities   

Act II: The Unchangeable 

One day Salent was captured and put in prison by Kells who managed to convince higher forces to put Salent's "girlfriend " in a seperate prison. Outraged at first, Salent thought how he could get back at Kells. Then the answer came to him and he then laughed evily. AZURATH visited Kell's earth to say hi but found Salent in possession of an object. AZURATH and Salent fought with Azurath being the victor. But suddenly Salent uncovered the object and revealed it was a watch that had the ability to control time on an almighty scale. And at that moment in the press of a button Salent made Thomas' fate absolutely inevitable and from then on there was nothing anyone could do to stop Thomas from becoming Hellsayer

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