High dimensional

NAME: High Dimensionals

POWERS: all members have master level telepathy. when combining their powers the gain ultimate level telepathy 

they also have expert level psionic powers as well as having strange intellects(Alien minds)

Backstory: Do not be fooled by their apperence. These beings are not corrupt they were evil from the start. They were just better at hiding it then the Imperial 4. The powerful source of order in the universe, The High Dimensionals are politically Invincible. They run a dictator-like system nothing happens without them knowing and their plans for universal rule are so cleverly hidden no one would have guessed them. Their only enemy is Azurath because of his psychic immunity whom they have tried to kill countless times and failed for each.

Character Facts:

-They have thrown the Orders of different dimensions into chaos

-They have the Eldritch version of psychic powers (meaning the rules and capabilites of their powers are completely different then what we are used to E.x.: normal psychic powers are more effective on non psychics then psychics, their psychic powers are more effective on psychics then non-psychics. Not to say they are completely useless against non-psychics they just take longer to control).


Psychic battle:

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