Imperial 4.png

Backstory: the imprial 4 were once an order in the galaxy. But dont let those words fool you, they were corrupt beyond belief to the point where it was obvious though no one replaced them because who else would volunteer? They finally stepped down over thier controversial answer to the human overpopulation. Leaving the High Dimensionals to replace them. The strange thing is that they were assassinated just 4 days after their relief of power.


Corvus: what are you talking about?

Last member: I'm telling you. remember your armor? it was supposed to be designed to be immune to psychic powers but instead it became immune to magic when it was first introduced. Just after the High Dimensionals were put into power.

Corvus: So?

Last member: dont you see the pattern?! they made your armor immune to magic because the High Dimensionals are Ps- {Last member gets shot by an unseen assassin before finishing his words}

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