Name: Kaiser the Undone  

Kaiser the Undone
Real Name: Lukas Malborne


Omnicounter (opposites)

Higher-Dimensional Abomination Physiology

Psychic Entity 

Almighty Eldritch Magic

Backstory: Lukas was born into a rich and good family that was practically untouched by evil. But unfortunalty for Lukas that means that he would forever be treated badly by the outside world around him. He discovered that while his parents were kind people his anscestors were not. His great-great grandparents were what people in those years (Mainly in the 1840's and 1850's) would call "satanists" but they were not worshiping the devil rather a more "alien" force that would soon find a host to use his powers to control everything in existence. His great-great grandparents used the blood of slaves to finish their task and the culmination of their work was a piece of a mirror with a handle that had been made out of materials not of this world but a far more sinister one. Lukas found the mirror and had the thought that if he agreed to "help" the entity inside he would "gain the power to make everyone who troubled him go away". His parents found him but it was too late as he had already merged with the abomination. He killed both of his parents and teleported from the house in his new form eventually turning to adolesence and changing his name to Kaiser but would be known to many as Kaiser the Undone. soon the abomination merged with his mind and then Kaiser became nothing but a hellish creature of madness and wrath. 

The Mad Void:

The mad void Is a terrifying world he created along with others that traps the minds of evil mental power users. If you wanted a summary it is the psychic version of hell. Just as how there are archedemons in hell, In the Mad Void there are the 7 Royals of Insanity with Kaiser being one of them and seconded only by their leader, Render .

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