NAME: Kalzek the Violent 

Kalzek the Violent


Violence Embodiment (all applications and techniques. Including associations )

Wrath empowerment

Hatred Embodiment 

Supernatural strength (types I-III)

Backstory: In the world of Knighted there was once a man named Kalzek who was incapable of murder until The Sons of Evil found him and made him souless. Wtih no grasp of grief he willingly slaughtered hellspawns and other powerful threats. He travels worlds searching for a challenge.

In recent years he is partners with Torzal . The two became a team when Kalzek decided to kill some merchant rogues who have been taunting him for the last few weeks and it was there he ran into Torzal. The two agreed on terms and while Kalzek was the muscle Torzal was the treasure-detector.  

Character facts:

- completely souless but still finds pleasure in bloodshed and violence.

-His most dangerous weapon.... His hands 

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