NAME: Kells (WIP)



Peak Human Condition

Peak Human Combat

Martial Arts Intuition

Backstory: Kells once used to be an omnipotent in one of the dimensions of the CWVerse who was destined to destroy the villian of his dimension. But unbeknowest to him the villian had the Anti-power, a force in the CWVerse that can negate omnipotence but the villian had so much of the power in storage that it completely removed him of omnipotence and pretty much cursed him to never be able to inherit any supernatural powers. Kells was then cast out of his dimension and into another. At the beginning of his new place in life he was found by the psycho-sociopathic villian Salent and for 7 long years he was beaten and tortured for Salent's amusement only to escape when The Urban Knight stopped Salent allowing Kells to escape. The entire ordeal traumatized Kells and as the years went by he saw the most darkest parts of the human world and the sad truth that humanity was not born perfect. But he also found the encouraging fact that humans can learn from their mistakes and from then on improved his newfound existence through training.


-Although he has his own share of supernatural kills (werewolves, vampires, aliens, zombies) he was pushed to his limits to kill only some of them. In short, beings who are obviously at a superhuman-godlike level CAN kill him, not could, CAN, and since he is not the suicidal type he usually runs from fights that lead to said beings. But he is not a coward by definition

-The normal human weakness, can be mind controlled, mutilated, etc..... you name it

Character facts:

-Has an adopted son named Thomas

-when not adventuring he works as an automechanic

-While he has killed before, accepted the nesscessity of it, and can do it without any emotional breakdown, He was never fond of the act and if given a choice would spare lives rather then kill them

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