King Chaos

Occupation: Dimensional Conquerer

Backstory: King Chaos is a brutal conquerer and master over the 3 lords force, wisdom, and skill. Like OMEGA his entire reason for living is to cause chaos, pain, war, and death to all the sentient beings in existence. He is the son of Godsend King Chaos surrounds himself with his hellspawn minions making him unreachable. He is interested in war to the point of obsession and knows almost every detail of it. 

During one time when he was conquering a dimension one of its leaders was pleading for mercy and was begging for King Chaos to spare him. King Chaos secretly grew tired of his pleading but wanted to show it on an important day... So when he was about to sign terms with one of the leaders, while every citizen of the realm was watching, he swung his sword and decapitated the ruler's head while ripping the princess of the realm in half with his BARE HANDS. All while saying "well, negotiating isnt my strong suit" before enslaving the entire population.


Chaos Manipulation

War empowerment

Death empowerment 


War inducement

Chaos inducement

Negative Aspects empowerment

Supernatural condition


Equipment not shown:

Two flaming swords of chaos and war 

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