Name: Kol 

Kol the Accident
Real Name: Carl Thorne


Tra uma Embodiment

Mutated Physiology

Trauma and Fear Dependency

Mind Control

Madness Embodiment

Backstory: Carl Thorne was a leading doctor (a therapist in particular)  of the city of New Ares. He was conducting experiments to not rid fear but rather help people control it. But stories like this always go wrong, He soon became obsessed and sadistically amused with controlling peoples minds and having them squirm with horror as they relived their worst memories. It was all in secret until one day Max found out Carl's exploits and sabotaged his experiments, and accidentaly presumably destroyed Carl along with them. It was only to Max's horror that Carl had not died but rather mutated into a grotesque being that lives off of peoples worst memories. The mutation further altered Carl, making him believe his dependancy was a product of destiny rather then a burden. He is now a part of Max's rouges gallery

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