Name: Kormus



Foreign Energy Manipulation (CAPABLE of all applications)

Foreign Material Manipulation (the condition for Foreign Energy Manipulation also applies to Foreign Material Manipulation)

Bestowed Immortality  

Accidental Prime Evolutionary

Base Supernatural Condition (Expert Level)

Backstory: Kormus is an extra dimensional being who happens to be the last of his kind. Millions of years ago there lived a universe called Zaeger and on it the dominant form of life, Zaegerians, were much like humans in terms of background. Their technology operated completely different from human technology but they were on the same level with humans... Except with one difference, They were not attacked but threatened by destruction-loving beings in the omniverse and ,in fear for their survival, built a machine called the Preserver Matrix which housed all the materials and energies of their planet as well as the genetic template for the Zaegerians. It was supposed to pick a chosen one but the Zaegerians forgot to put in the programming leaving the choice randomized and could literally be anyone. This is where Kormus comes in. Kormus was known as a slacker on Zaeger and has always been "the slow one". But one day a bunch of powerful irresponsible gods from the depths of the omniverse decided to "reestablish their dominance" by destroying a random verse... guess what their target was.... Anyways, Kormus was walking through the streets of a capital city when he immediatly saw a flash of light and passed out. Kormus awoke to see his planet and universe collapsing in on itself. He eventually got a holographic message from from one of the creators of the Preserver Matrix saying that the Matrix has now bonded with him and his DNA and that if he fails to bestow a fitting world with the contents his entire species' culture and technology and even form shall be erased from existence.... No pressure, right?

Now the positive Kormus must find a world in which to bestow his universe's contents. 

Current Enemies:

Lord Grave

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