Name: Lawson (W.I.P) 



Enhanced Wits: He is an expert at "quick thinking"

Nigh Omniscience: working for both sides of morality has made him learn a lot of things (especially about the weaknesses and strengths of all good and all evil)

Peak Human Condition

Enhanced Assassination

Backstory: In the city of New Ares, Lawson is the kind of name that makes people worry. There is good reason behind it. Lawson was once a man with a dream: to bring true order to the world by taming good and evil. This ultimately brought him into a unique alignment that is the opposite of true neutral: "The Double Agent". However, he soon found out that working of both sides were risky. The assignments and assassinations were the easy part, the only part that almost broke him was what happened when he failed...

It all started years ago at his secret headquarters. He had multiple members working under him to strengthen his cause. He was carrying out orders from two commanders: A human-lizard Cambion named Leviathan, and a hooded Nephilim named Gabriel. Lawson was going to accomplish his orders when an accidental mistake on his part exposed his plans. Lawson calmed down at first, "there is no way two biological enemies will team up" he thought. But to his terror he saw a thousand unrecognizable warriors crashing towards the ground with powerful swords and ranged weapons. He activated the alarm and put all members of the facility on high alert, but that would not save them, as the warriors crashed through the walls and killed off Lawson's team his first priority was to find whoever was still alive and join them. When he saw one group that was still alive the warriors breached in and slaughtered them. The enemy he faced appeared to be unstoppable and when the warriors surrounded him...he surrendered.

When he regained consciousness he saw his captors and they were none other then the Cambion and the Nephilim from earlier. Good and Evil had teamed up to defeat him combining Evil's brutality and strength with Good's near perfect planning. Eventually the two beings fought over what to do with him and in that confusion Lawson escaped his ruined headquarters. A lot of innocent people died because of his mistake and he would not let that happen again.

What disturbs Lawson the most was that he got out of the situation by the skin of his teeth, that he would have been dead if not for chance. Ever since then he has never made a mistake in his work. Although he has became a member of Max's rogues gallery because of the conspiracy he has left behind.

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