NAME: Marciel  



Transcendent Nephalem Physiology (all applications)

Transcendent Machine physiology(all applications)

Specialist Neph Electricity manipulation

Specialist Superior Data manipulation

Specialist Neph Metal Manipulation


Backstory: Before he was called Marciel the Omega android known as MARK-131 was a robot who had mastered all the Cybermetaphysical planes but still wanted more powers and capabilities so he traveled to a universe that was flowing with magic and so he decided to learn to control it. After years and years of studying and fusing he finally fused with the magical energy and ascended to what is arguably the most powerful being in fiction, a nephalem. Now he searches his universe for worthy opponents to fight. 

Character facts:

-as a being of techology and magic along with some metaphysical mastering he is theorized to have powrful control over Tetralogy

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